How to Convert Tape in Extensions into Clip in Extensions

How to Convert Tape in Extensions to Clip in Hair Extensions

Easily Convert Tape In Extensions to Clip Ins - No Sewing Required. 

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I invented Big Kizzy Snap Clips so you can easily convert tape extensions to clip ins - WITHOUT SEWING! I also solved the issue with having all the individual tape panels... Now you can combine 3 tape sandwiches into 1 clip in panel in a matter of minutes!

- Christopher Box | Big Kizzy Founder

Tape in hair extensions are my favorite type of extension. They are super easy to use and remove. I have done thousands of applications over the years. I have had a lot of clients ask me if they could turn tape extensions into clip ins.

The answer is yes, but it was always a long tedious undertaking. Sewing clips onto the base of tape in extensions is not fun at all. It just wasn’t worth the time to sew all those clips onto a bunch of tape extension panels. Can you imagine having to clip in every single individual panel onto your head every time you wanted to wear them?  

The real question that needed to be answered was: Can you turn tape in extensions into clip ins, EASILY? Finally, I can say YES! After several years of trial and error I am happy to announce you can easily convert tape extensions to clip ins.

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How to Make Tape in Hair Extensions Into Clip in’s | Big Kizzy Snap Clips



Supplies Needed:

  • Kizzy Clips
  • Kizzy Clips Liner & Tape
  • Metal Tipped Comb
  • Blueberry Sealing Tool

PREP: Remove any old hair extension tape. Make sure you thoroughly shampoo and blow dry your tape in hair extensions. Keep any oil based products away from where the base of the tape in extension panel. 

NOTE: Scroll down to see detailed infographic with photos. 

  1. Retape one side of 5 of the 6 tape in extension panels with the double sided extension tape. You will start building your clip in extension with 3 panels. Set the other 3 tape extension panels aside for the moment.
  2. Start with 3 tape panels with the "untaped" side up - join them using the single sided tape.
  3. Flip back over (the side with double sided tape attached) and then remove the liner on the left side.
  4. Gently pull up on the J Hook part of the Kizzy Clip. The J Hook should be slightly open. (see photo below)
  5. Slide over the center of the panel with the exposed tape. Gently flatten J hooks with the Blueberry sealing tool. Repeat for the right side. NOTE: J Hook does not need to scoop the tape extension panel. (see diagram)
  6. Remove the liner for the middle tape extension panel. No clip is needed, however one can be added if you feel it is necessary.
  7. Add the 1 untaped extension panel to the top of the middle panel. One by one remove the tape liner on the remaining 2 tape extension panels and align them to the top of the left and right tape extension panels with the Kizzy Clips attached.
  8. Add two more pieces of single sided extension tape to seal and join what will become the top side of the clip in extension panel. The bottom will be the side that has the Kizzy clips attached to it. See photo for Step 2.

Get your Kizzy Clips now and turn those tape in extensions into clip ins!


  • Wait at least 48 hours before getting the base of the clip in extension wet. 
  • Do not use conditioner or oil based products on the area where the Kizzy Snap Clips attach to the tape panels. 
  • When shampooing and conditioning be careful when the base of the clip in extension is wet. Once completely dry - panel will be ready to style and wear. 
  • Keep hot tools over 200 degrees away from the base. 
  • Remember to keep your Kizzy Snap Clips. They can be reused. 
  • Remember, with proper install and care - Kizzy Clips are REUSABLE. 


How to convert tape in extensions into clip in extensions without sewing