Big Kizzy

kizzy | noun | kiz – zy | 

a bold desire to transform the status quo

Meet the brand designed to enhance the complete hair extension experience. From first application, to daily
care, to removal, our extension accessory and haircare product line offers everything a hairstylist guru or
talented DIYer needs to reach their big gorgeous hair goals. Founded by an extension expert, our high-quality,
easy-to-use products are designed to fit the distinct needs of both extensions and natural hair with every use.

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality hair extension accessories and haircare with best pricing and service, fastest delivery, and easy-to-understand education.

meet the founder

Christopher Box, the visionary behind Big Kizzy, discovered his passion for the beauty industry through hair extensions. Enchanted by the magic they held, he dedicated his career to mastering their artistry.

After a decade in the industry, Christopher transitioned from salon owner to pursuing his dream of creating a unique hair care line. This dream was born from a desire to enhance the extension experience while supporting natural hair.

In 2016, a pivotal moment occurred when Christopher found himself explaining an array of products to a client. This sparked the inception of Big Kizzy, a brand dedicated to crafting products compatible with all hair types and extension services. These high-quality products, designed for optimal results, blend innovation and performance.

Christopher’s vision was to create an immersive experience with adaptable solutions. Products can be mixed and matched to suit individual needs, making both stylists’ and DIYers’ lives easier and more enjoyable. This is the essence of Big Kizzy: a celebration of hair extension artistry and the beauty of natural hair.