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    Big Kizzy – Hair Care Reimagined

    kizzy | adjective | kiz – zy  

    a: drastically exceeding the limits of what is usual 

    b: wildly attractive hair that should not exist in this world 

    c: used to describe the split second change into EXTRA mode.


    Ever had a client with thin fine hair that wears extensions, gets color AND does keratin treatments?  Oh, and the best part is, they prefer no parabens, sulfates and it’s gotta be cruelty free too! Wait, there’s more – they want- no- NEED volume without their hair feeling sticky and gross?

    Lucky you – BIG KIZZY was designed for the client who loves more hair AND navigates multiple types of services for various reasons. Extensions? Color? Keratin? All three? Kizzy has you covered.

    Created by stylist Christopher Box for people who LIVE for more hair. Most haircare lines can’t keep up with the unique hair needs of todays modern women (or anyone who loves long beautiful hair). 

    Christopher has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.  His resume includes helping create one of the first tape hair extension systems on the market, traveling the world educating stylists about the wonderful world of “weave”, working as a brand ambassador for a high end hair extension line at New York Fashion week and owning a very successful extension focus salon in Dallas, Texas.

    Big Kizzy isn’t a person. Big Kizzy is a state of mind. In Texas, we always say, Go big or go home! I like to say, Go Big Kizzy or Go Home! I designed Big Kizzy for anyone who lives for more hair – from thin hair to hair extensions, Big Kizzy can keep up.”

    Christopher Box | Stylist & Creator of Big Kizzy Hair