The Best Tape In Hair Extension Brands

The Best Tape In Hair Extension Brands

Which is the best hair extension brand? If tape-in hair extensions are what you’re looking for, we have the ultimate list for you! As your hair extension experts, our team at Big Kizzy has done the research for you in your search for the best tape in hair extensions brand. Our hair extension tape is compatible with most of the biggest and best hair extension brands, so you know where to stock up after you get your extensions! 

When it comes to the most popular hair extension brands, we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. All of these brands offer tape-in extensions, so all that’s left is to see which company has the specific color, length, texture, and style you’ve always wanted. Let’s get into it!   

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 

If you're interested in premium but affordable hair extensions, Irresistible Me tape-ins are worth checking out. Irresistible Me offers high-quality tape-in hair extensions that are made from 100% human hair. They use premium, made-in-USA glue that's gentle on your hair. Whether you prefer regular or invisible tapes, as well as color match guarantee, making it easy to find the perfect shade.

BELLAMI Hair Extensions 

If you have ever been interested in or worn hair extensions, you’ve probably heard of BELLAMI hair extensions. BELLAMI specializes in premium 100% Remy hair extensions ranging from 16” to 26” lengths. Browse their clip-in, tape-in, or extra hair options, such as ponytails and wigs. Their tape-in extensions have a 6 to 12-month lifespan along with a 3-month warranty.  Choose from 50+ shades ranging from blonde to brown and everything in between.  BIG KIZZY offers Pro Hold Hair Extension Replacement Tape that works great with Bellami Hair Extensions

Hotheads Hair Extensions 

Similar to BELLAMI, Hotheads hair extensions use 100% Remy hair extensions for their range of products. From tape-in and sew-in weft to fusion and specialty, they have a wide variety of methods to choose from. Their hair extension lengths range from 12” to 30” with colors in Blondes, Balayage, Rooted, and more. They have four different styles for their tape-ins: LUSH Tape-Ins, Tape-In Originals, Tape-in Ultimates, and Tape-In Micro Strands. You can use BIG KIZZY's Original Brown Hair Extension Replacement Tape with Hotheads Hair Extensions

Hairtalk Hair Extensions 

As an industry standard for the best hair extension brands, Hairtalk hair extensions also use only top-quality Remy human hair. If you’re looking for a wide variety of options in tape-in hair extension brands, Hairtalk will be a top pick. Explore various styles, such as Original Pro, Petite, Mini-Strand, and Fantasy, to name a few! When looking at the lengths they offer, you can pick extensions starting at 13” and as long as 25.” No need to worry about finding your shade as they have an extensive collection of colors available.  BIG KIZZY's Original Brown Hair Extension Replacement Tape works perfectly with Hairtalk Hair Extensions.  

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions 

Glam Seamless hair extensions are another one of the most popular hair extension brands (and yes, they use 100% Remy human hair!). This company was founded around tape-in extensions but now offers clip-ins, halos, keratins, and more. With 45 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect hair color match. You’ll find three different styles of tape-in hair extensions on their website: Premium, Premium Invisi, and Hand Tied. The lengths available for their tape-in extensions range from 16” at the shortest to 25” at the longest, depending on the style you select. The best tape to use for Glam Seamless Hair Extensions is BIG KIZZY's Seamless Hold Hair Extension Replacement Tape

Donna Bella Hair Extensions 

When it comes to the best hair extension brands, Donna Bella hair extensions are a must on this list. They stick to the highest quality 100% Remy human hair extensions with both professional methods and ready-to-wear styles. These options include clip-in, halo-style, and tape-in, among other types of hair extensions. When deciding on which tape-in extensions to get, Donna Bella carries the largest range of lengths from 12” to 30.” Among the usual blonde, brown, and red shades, they also carry purple, blue, light pink, pink, and silver. We have the perfect tape to use with Donna Bella Hair Extensions: BIG KIZZY's Ultra Stick Hair Extension Replacement Tape.

Babe Hair Extensions 

As you search for the best hair extension brand, keep Babe Hair Extensions in the running for high-quality 100% Remy human hair. They boast a range of hair extension styles such as weft, clip-in, fusion, and tape-in, among other options. Their tape-in extensions come in curly or straight and range from 14” to 24” in length. As you aim to find your flawless color match, look at each shade category, including naturals, ombre, blended, and fashion shades.  Ultra Stick Hair Extension Replacement Tape can work interchangeably with Babe hair extensions.  

Beauty Works Hair Extensions 

Finally, to round out our list of the best hair extension brands, the UK-based Beauty Works hair extensions is another top contender using 100% Remy human hair. When you shop their extensive collection, you have length options that range from 14” to 26”. They have 40+ shades to choose from for color options across their hair extension types. You can find every type of hair extension with this brand, from DIY to professional. Their tape-in hair extensions come in two different styles: Invisi Tape and Celebrity Choice Slimline Tape.  Seamless Hold Hair Extension Replacement Tape also works perfectly with Beauty Works Hair Extensions.

The Products You Need for The Best Hair Extension Brands 

As you decide on the best tape in hair extensions brand for you, next you’ll need the best products for application and removal! Whichever brand you go with, BIG KIZZY has the perfect accessory products so you can save money AND slay that hair extension application. We offers tapes, removers, hair care products, tools and more for all of your hair extension needs. Shop now to stock up on hair extension essentials for gorgeous strands!