What Are the Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

What Are the Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Need help deciding which hair extensions to choose? At Big Kizzy Hair, our favorite type is tape-in extensions! These are semi-permanent extensions applied with hair tape that sticks directly to your natural hair. They’re one of the most popular options for hair extensions for good reason! We’ll get into the benefits of choosing this option for your hair ahead (and why we’re big fans of them!) 

If you’ve never tried hair extensions before, you’ll probably have a lot of questions like:  

  • How long do extensions last
  • How long do tape-in extensions last
  • How much are tape in extensions
  • Do tape in extensions damage your hair? 

As you decide which type of hair extensions will fit your needs and lifestyle, we’ll give you the lowdown on all things tape-in extensions. Don’t worry, all of your questions will be answered in this blog (and maybe you’ll choose tape-in extensions as your go-to pick!)  

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Tape-In Extensions

We love tape-in extensions (we said what we said!). Tape-in extensions are ideal for both stylists and their clients. It’s a relatively easy and quick process for both, and the result is something everyone will be happy with!   

Here are the top reasons why we go for tape-in extensions every time:   

Undetectable in Hair 

Tape-in hair extensions are virtually invisible in the hair. They’re designed to be undetectable with flexible tape wefts that make blending into your natural strands easy. You can style your hair how you want with volumizer and hair spray, and yes, even wear your hair up in a ponytail without the wefts showing!  

Easy To Apply 

Stylists and clients love how easy it is to apply and remove tape-in extensions. When you book that salon appointment, you won’t need the entire day for your service. The tape-in hair extensions application itself can be as quick as 30 minutes to an hour to apply (plus any other cuts, colors, or services you opt-in for!)  

Affordable Option 

Not all hair extensions have to break the bank! So, how much are tape in extensions? The average cost of tape-in extensions ranges from $150 to $800 (with other hair extension methods reaching the thousands!) This price doesn’t include the application if you go to a salon to have them applied—which we recommend. These don’t take long to apply, so you won’t have to factor in a massive amount more for that.  

Lightweight and Comfortable 

For ultimate comfort, tape-in extensions will be your new favorite!  Other hair extension methods tend to feel bulky and heavy when wearing them (and no one wants to deal with that!). When tape-in extensions are applied properly, they’ll feel so lightweight you may even forget you have them in.  

Non-Damaging to Your Hair  

If you’re worried about tape in extensions damage, you’re probably asking yourself, “Are tape in extensions bad for your hair?” No need to worry any longer! Tape-in extensions won’t cause any damage to your hair when they’re applied and maintained correctly. Your stylist will use tape-in extension tape to tape up long hair strands with minimal damage to your natural hair. Each weft is applied with medical-grade, double-sided tape to stick securely into your hair without damaging your strands!   

Can Be Reused  

One of the best parts about using tape-in hair extensions is being able to reuse them! As long as you’re removing tape-in hair extensions correctly using solvent remover, they’ll be able to be worn again. Ensure you take proper care of your extensions and invest in high-quality hair. If you do, you’re looking at getting two to three wears out of them (sometimes even four!) You can also convert your tape-in extensions to clip-in with snap clips, giving you even more uses out of your extensions!

Easy Maintenance 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option for hair extensions, look no further! Once a stylist applies your tape-in hair extensions, you’re good to go. You won’t have to mess with taking them out or adjusting them at all. Remember to book those re-application appointments when recommended by your stylist to keep them looking their best.   

How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last? 

If you’ve never had hair extensions, you’re probably wondering how long do extensions last. With tape-in extensions, you’ll want to go to the salon to have them reapplied every four to six weeks (sometimes up to eight with proper care!). This gives you a total wear time of six to nine months, reusing the same set two to three times on average.   

Stick With the Best Products for Tape in Hair Extensions 

Now that you know how long do tape-in extensions last and their benefits, have you decided to try them? Get ready for gorgeous length and volume! But if you want them to last as long as possible, you’ll need the best products to maintain and style them. At Big Kizzy Hair, we have all of your tape-in essentials to maintain your strands, along with application products for those stylists out there. Explore all of the products you need for long and strong strands that make a statement!