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    Why Do Tape Extensions Slip?

    Why do tape extensions slip?

    Tape hair extensions are so easy to apply that they are actually kind of hard. The actual process is very straightforward, however, there are several little things that often get overlooked that can really affect how long tape in hair extensions last.

    What if I told you that you could prevent 99% hair extension mishaps? At Big Kizzy we have over 25 years of combined experience educating salons on hair extensions. We believe KNOWLEDGE can empower you to not make mistakes. Here are a few tips to help identify and alleviate tape hair extensions from slipping.

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    How to Choose Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type & Lifestyle

    Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type

    Don’t be EXTRA! Use the Right Tape for Your Hair & Lifestyle

    Why do we offer more than one type of hair extension tape? Because, neither you or your hair is one size fits all.

    A common mistake that people make when choosing hair extension tape is going with the Extra Hold Tape instead of the Regular Hold Tape. Stronger isn’t always better.

    Picking the best hair extension tape is like picking the right hair care for your hair type. Some women have thicker hair and need a one thing and and others have thin fine hair  need the exact opposite. The same thing applies to the tape you use for your tape extension application.

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    How to Stop Tape Hair Extensions From Slipping or Falling Out.

    How to Stop Tape Hair Extensions From Slipping or Falling Out

    Blueberry Sealing Pressing Tool: Better Tape Extension Applications

    The beauty of tape extensions is how easy they are to apply. Often, that is also its downfall. If you wear tape extensions or if you are a stylists - chances are you have had issues with tapes prematurely slipping and falling out.

    Tape slipping or falling out can be due to several reasons. We compiled a list of the things we think are an absolute MUST to make sure your tape in hair extensions last as long as they should.

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    Fix Your Thirsty Dry Hair Extensions with Happy Hour Dry Conditioner

    Fix Your Thirsty Dry Hair Extensions

    Typically most people have heard of dry shampoo and love or hate it. Well what about Dry Conditioner?

    We all get thirsty from time to time but what about our hair? Fabulous hair waits for no one. As much as we wish we could be like Oprah, "Yelling - you get good hair, and you get good hair- EVERYBODY GETS GOOOOOOOOOD HAIR!!!" Life does not work that way. Happy Hour Dry Conditioner is the ultimate dry hair extensions repair.

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    The Ultimate Shampoo For Thickness and Hair Extensions

    The Ultimate Shampoo For Thickness and Hair Extensions

    Thin, fine hair? Wear extensions? Ready to use a shampoo designed to enhance your extension experience AND care for your own natural hair?

    For thousands of years beautiful thick hair has been considered a symbol of youth and vitality. A recent consumer survey by John Freida said that 56 percent of women said a lack of volume is THEIR BIGGEST HAIR DISAPPOINTMENT! The Jury has spoken-women want shampoo for thickness!

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