Say Good Bye to Frizzy Hair with the Chemical Love Affair. Get the insight tips

Say Good Bye to Frizzy Hair with the Chemical Love Affair. Get the insight tips

Fall is here! You would think the weather would be the way I could tell, right? Not so much here in Dallas. It’s still 97 degrees outside. No, I can tell because of all the pumpkin spice products showing up everywhere I go. It’s still humid, hot and my hair is about over it all. 

Thankfully this year my hair is in much better shape since I started using Chemical Love Affair Shampoo & Conditioner. Holy Pumpkin Spice Latte these 2 products make my hair less frizzy and easier to style. 

I might be biased but as a new Kizzy girl, but I like to use the products like a brand ambassador journalist. Seeing is believing! What a turn my hair routine had taken. 

As a full time parent and having a full time job; my schedule runs tight. I don’t really like to spend hours styling my hair. It’s and it gets old when it comes to wash day. I don’t fear the shower anymore and dealing with frizzy wet hair. 

I do a Keratin treatment every 4 months or so to help fight the frizziness but luckily, I haven’t done one since April! You read that right. After using the Chemical Love Affair Shampoo and Conditioner, combined with the Split Personality Keratin Serum and the Thairapy Booster Oil; my hair is not only much less frizzy but so soft and shiny. 

I have always dreamed of having that perfect hollywood star hair that I see on TV and I achieved it this year after I started using this fabulous hair products that I can’t be thankful enough that landed on my lap. And head. Literally.  

Turn Your Big Frizzy Into Big Kizzy: My Routine

1. SHAMPOO: I always do two or three washes with the Chemical Love Affair Shampoo, depending on how dirty my hair is. 

CONFESSION: I only wash my hair once a week. I learned at a young age that the more you wash your hair, the less moisture it has. Hair can lose water by osmosis if washed often; also the natural oil we segregate to protect it from the elements.

2. CONDITION: I follow with the Chemical Love Affair Conditioner. I like to combine it with a few drops of the Thairapy Oil and let it sit with a shower cap to let the heat of the shower work its magic. I do not apply it on my roots, just a bit of leftovers from what I use on midshaft to ends. Remember, your roots are new baby hair that does not need much conditioning. The hair on midshaft to ends are older of years of growth that needs nourishment to avoid frying and color fading.

3. DRY: And finally, I just pat dry my hair gently; avoiding rubbing. Do not rub your hair with a towel or any product! That causes hair breakage, frizz and split ends. The cherry on top is the Split Ends Keratin Serum and this is the wowza moment you’d get. This serum is Keratin and Red Algae  infused and it protects from UV Rays and heat from the hot tools. AMAZING

4. STYLE: Last but not least, the Thairapy Booster Oil. This mix of Marula, Coconut and Argan organic oils will literally blow your mind. This product is so dynamic. You can use it in the CLA Conditioner, with the Split Ends Serum or by itself as a polishing touch after styling your hair. I love it because it brings so much shine and calms the fly away hair resulting from the heat of the hot tools and it performs as a hair cuticle sealer. 

There you have it..  all of my secret tips on how to go from frizzy to kizzy, with this wonderful line that goes the extra mile for the unruly, untamed hair. Extensions, Keratin and Color Safe

Laura - Chief Kizzy Girl