How to Convert Weft Hair Extensions to Clip in Hair Extensions

How to Convert Weft Hair Extensions to Clip in Hair Extensions

Easily Convert Wefted Extensions to Clip Ins - No Sewing Required. 

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Wefted hair extensions may be considered "old school" but they can be super affordable and easy to find. I have used them for all kinds of things over the years. From making one of the first versions of tape in extensions back in the early 2000's to custom clip ins for my clients. 

My clients ask me all the time if they can make clip in extensions out of weft hair. The answer is yes, but it was always a long tedious undertaking. Sewing clips onto wefted hair extensions is not fun at all. It just wasn’t worth the time to sew all those clips onto a bunch of extension wefts. 

Also, to get the wefted base the thickness needed for thicker hair you have to sew 2 pieces of wefted hair together and then sew the clips on. If you are anything like me then sewing anything isn't really my idea of fun. Not to mention that the end result always ends up looking like a craft project gone bad. 

The real question that needed to be answered was: Can you turn weft extensions into clip ins, EASILY? Finally, I can say YES! After several years of trial and error I am happy to announce you can easily convert most wefted extensions to clip ins.

Not only is it easy. The end result looks like you spent a lot of money on custom clip in extensions. 

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