3-Step Routine for Washing Hair with Tape In Extensions

3-Step Routine for Washing Hair with Tape In Extensions

You just had your fresh set of tape-in extensions put in, and they look amazing! But when it comes time to hop in the shower, you might wonder what the process is for washing hair with tape in extensions. This is especially true for those of you who have never had hair extensions and are washing tape hair extensions for the first time. Spoiler alert: it’s all about having the right hair wash routine

Keeping up with a proper hair wash routine helps to keep your hair extensions looking as good as the day you got them applied! Clean hair means less chance of build-up, such as oil, dirt, and products, making your hair look less than stellar. Up next, Big Kizzy has the products you need with a three-step process for gorgeous strands!  

The Ultimate Hair Wash Routine for Tape-In Extensions 

Your tape-in extension hair wash routine starts with how often you wash your hair. We recommend washing hair with tape in extensions no more than three times a week. Any more than this, and you can dry out your strands and weaken the adhesive tape bonds. Over-washed hair can lead to damaged and frizzy extensions (not a good look!).  

If you’re washing tape hair extensions for the first time, you’ll likely have some questions. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow hair wash routine for your tape-in extensions along with our product recs. Having clean hair is essential, but you’ll need to stick to these steps to ensure you don’t damage your extensions! 

Follow these steps when washing hair with tape in extensions:  

STEP 1: Wash Your Hair with a Specially Formulated Shampoo  

Use a mild shampoo that’s specially formulated for hair extensions. Gentle shampoo should be free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Those ingredients can cause dehydrated and damaged strands, so it’s best to avoid them! Our Chemical Love Affair Shampoo is safe for hair extensions, keratin, and color-treated hair, so you’re ready to embrace clean hair

Pro tip: Always use either lukewarm or cold water when washing hair with tape-in extensions. Using hot water can damage and dry out your delicate hair extensions. Cold water helps to seal the cuticles and preserve your hair’s natural oils to avoid frizzy strands. 

When washing hair with tape-in extensions, take special care to avoid the hair tape attachment points as you apply the shampoo. Use your fingers like a comb to evenly coat the hair with the product. Gently lather your roots and strands without tugging or pulling on the hair extensions. Rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next step.  

STEP 2: Condition Your Strands with a Hydrating Conditioner  

Don’t forget to condition your strands! Choose a conditioner that’s safe for hair extensions to keep them looking their best. Our Chemical Love Affair Deep Conditioner is infused with Keratin and designed specifically for hair extensions. The formula helps to hydrate your locks, control frizz, and reduce breakage. If your hair is extra dry, super-charge your conditioner with a few drops of our Thairapy™ Deep Conditioning Oil

Apply the conditioner mid-shaft down on the hair, avoiding the scalp and extension attachment points. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for one to two minutes before rinsing. This lets your hair soak in all the nutrients for moisturized locks! If you want to use it as a deep conditioner, let it sit for ten minutes (you can clip up your hair and wear a plastic cap when deep conditioning.) Gently rinse your strands after conditioning.   

STEP 3: Add a Frizz Serum Before Drying and Styling  

Dry and style your hair as desired! If your hair is prone to frizz and split ends, use our Split Personality Split End and Frizz Serum to revive your tresses. With towel-dried hair, apply the frizz hair serum from the mid-shaft down. Then, use a detangling brush to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.  

After washing hair with tape in extensions, towel-drying your hair first and then letting it air dry is recommended. But if you want to use a blow dryer, use the lowest heat setting and avoid direct heat on the hair extension attachment points. Try to limit your heat styling as much as possible to avoid damaging your extensions. 

Clean Hair Extensions Equals Healthy and Strong Strands 

And there you have it! Clean hair with a hair wash routine that keeps your hair extensions nourished and free from residue or build-up. It’s important to take proper care of your extensions, and that includes washing, conditioning, drying, and styling!  

Stick to this routine, and you’ll have hair extensions that are long-lasting! When you need to stock up on all of the essential products for washing hair with tape in extensions, you can count on Big Kizzy. Shop all of our products for haircare and hair extensions for everything you need for healthy and strong strands!