Tips and Tricks to Blow Dry Hair Straight and Sleek

Tips and Tricks to Blow Dry Hair Straight and Sleek

When you rock that stunning blow dry hair look, you’ll feel like you can take on the world! Good hair days make us happy, and knowing how to blow dry your hair will help get you there. Once you get the technique down, it will blow people’s minds that you recreated that salon-quality style at home! 

We’ve got your Big Kizzy Hair expert recs for products and techniques ahead! We’ll also answer the question, is blow drying your hair bad? Use our guide for the ultimate tips and tricks you need to blow-dry your hair to perfection.  

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro  

 When you blow dry hair, you have more control over styling your strands. Compared to when you air-dry hair, it tends to end up with waves or bumps that you never asked for! Blow drying your hair gives you smooth and manageable hair to work with (and not to mention a much quicker drying time!). 

The real secret to getting that flawless blow dry hair look is all in the haircare products that you use. Wondering what to put in hair before blow drying? We have all of the options you need! Master how to blow dry hair with products that make your hair look silky and smooth.   

How to Blow Dry Hair Without Frizz  

If frizz is your arch nemesis, you’ll need a product to slay your strands! Split Personality is a split-end and frizz serum that tames your hair by repairing your locks with a keratin-infused formula. Say goodbye to flyaways with this serum that helps to repair, protect, and condition your tresses.  

Step 1: Wash and then gently towel dry your hair.  

Step 2: Apply the frizz serum from mid-shaft down to the end of your strands.  

Step 3: Distribute the product in your hair using a comb or detangling brush.  

Step 4: Blow dry hair for maximum smoothness!  

How to Blow Dry Hair for Volume 

Is your hair feeling flat? Bring some life back into your tresses! For the look and feel of thicker hair, use Thick Chick medium hold volumizing foam when styling your strands. The best part about using this volumizer is that it’s long-lasting and nourishes your hair from roots to ends.  

Step 1: After washing your hair, towel dry your strands.   

Step 2: Add two to three pumps of the volumizing foam to your hand.  

Step 3: Apply the foam in sections, starting at the root and working down the ends.   

Step 4: Blow dry hair as you normally would and see that pumped-up volume!  

How to Blow Dry Hair Straight  

If you’re dreaming of sleek and straight strands, Happy Hour dry conditioner and smoothing mist will be your new best friend! This smoothing spray with marula oil hydrates and conditions your locks to the max. This product can be used on wet or dry tresses, but we’ll walk you through how to use it when blow drying your hair straight.  

Step 1: Use a towel to gently dry your hair after washing it. 

Step 2: Spray two to three bursts of the smoothing mist starting from the mid-part of your hair and down to your ends. 

Step 3: Brush your hair using a boar’s hair brush to allow the product to absorb and evenly distribute throughout your strands.  

Step 4: Blow dry hair in sections with a round brush to ensure you get that smooth and straight style!  

Is Blow Drying Your Hair Bad? 

To blow dry hair or not to blow dry hair, that is the question! You might ask yourself, “Is blow drying your hair bad?” As long as you know how to blow dry hair properly, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary damage. Having the right products and techniques will ensure your hair stays fresh and fab! 

When you blow dry hair, always use the lowest heat setting possible, avoid staying in one spot of the scalp or hair too long, and use a heat protectant styling product. As with anything in life, moderation is key! Take a break from heat styling when possible. You can still have gorgeous hair (blow-dried or air-dried) with styling products that protect and nourish your tresses.   

Reach Your Hair Goals   

Nailing that salon blow-out style takes a bit of practice, along with the best high-quality haircare products. That’s where Big Kizzy Hair comes in! Our hair extension and haircare products work together to give your hair everything you need for that gorgeous glow-up. We know how unique your hair is, and that’s why we’re creating products that keep up with your hair's evolving needs.  

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