How to Find the Best Hair Extension Removal Near Me?

How to Find the Best Hair Extension Removal Near Me?

Getting your new set of hair extensions gives you boosted volume and luxurious length! However, after a few weeks ( typically ranging from about 4 to  8 weeks), it’s time for your hair extension removal and reapplication appointment. Whether you’ve just moved to a new town, are traveling, or simply want to find a new salon to remove hair extensions near me, our guide will help!  

At Big Kizzy we carry everything you need for your hair extensions, including application and removal tools and products! When it’s time to remove those hair extensions, we can help you along the way. First, we’ll give you some pro tips on how to find the best hair extension removal near me. Then we’ll walk you through how to DIY remove your hair extensions if you’d rather do it at home (especially if you put your extensions in at home, to begin with!). Let’s get into it!  

Finding a Specialist to Remove Hair Extensions Near Me  

Your hair extensions are ready to be removed, but where do you go from here? If you’re searching online for “hair extension removal near me,” you’ll likely come up with a range of results. But how do you know which hair extension specialist to choose?  

Here are a few ways to find the best option for your hair extension removal:  

Look Up Their Services  

Find a reputable salon that has experience with the type of hair extensions you have. If you have tape-in extensions, see if their website lists that as a hair extension type they work with. Check for pricing for services listed to compare costs. You could also contact them directly to double-check any information not listed before making your hair extension removal appointment.   

Search for Hair Photos 

If you find the Instagram page or website for the hair extension specialist you’re researching, take a look at their photos. You can usually find some before and after pictures and videos of the hair extension application and removal process. This will give you a better idea of what to expect with whichever salon or specialist you choose.   

Read the Reviews  

When in doubt, read the reviews for each salon. Look for keywords in the reviews that match up with the type of hair extension removal you need. See if they have a relatively high average rating score and also the number of reviews. It’s always a good idea to check a few different places for reviews, like Facebook, Yelp, and Google.   

DIY Hair Extension Removal at Home  

If you’re more of a DIY person and want to remove your hair extensions at home, this is possible if you have tape-in extensions. Of course, having your tape-in extensions removed by a specialist is the best-case scenario. Though if you’ve exhausted your options when searching for a hair extension removal near me and are in a pinch, you can remove them yourself!   

Here's how to remove your tape-in extensions at home:  

Step 1: Hair Extension Removal  

Start by using a hair extension removal solution (like our Remover 1: Tape In Extension Remover) and spray onto the tape adhesives. Separate the tape tabs from each other. Apply more solvent as necessary and gently remove the hair extensions from the natural hair.

Step 2: Residue Removal  

Now that the hair extensions are all removed, you’ll need a remover to get any leftover residue out of the natural hair. Our Remover 2: Tape In Residue Remover is designed specifically for this crucial step! Spray onto any areas of the hair that have residue left behind. Comb these spots in a downward motion to remove the residue. Repeat for each area that needs it. Shampoo everything one to two times to remove this oil-based solution from the hair.

Step 3: Excessive Residue Removal  

If you’re dealing with residue that’s stubborn and won’t budge, it’s time to use our Remover 3: Stubborn Tape In Residue Remover ! Spray the areas that have excessive residue, let sit, and comb from roots to ends. Rinse hair and repeat as necessary.  Wash your hair with shampoo to cleanse and remove oil. 

Once your hair is clean and free from any residue, you’re ready to apply a new set! Your tape-in hair extensions are reusable up to two to three times before it’s time to replace them.   

Stock up on all of the essential products you need for hair extension removal and application with Big Kizzy. If you have any questions about how to remove your extensions or what products you need, contact us, we’re here to help!