4 Hairstylist Tools for Extension Experts

4 Hairstylist Tools for Extension Experts

As a hair extension expert, having the best hairstylist tools is key for happy clients! Especially when you’re applying or removing hair extensions, you want them to have the best experience possible. This way, you’ll build a loyal following of clients who only trust you with their hair extensions (and for a good reason!). Up next, we’ve rounded up the best hair extension tools you need for your next hair extension appointment.   

Must-Have Professional Hair Extensions Tools 

From the moment your hair extension client sits in your chair to when they leave, you want it to be an experience that wows them from start to finish. As a professional, having all the right hair extensions tools is crucial to your success! 

Are you getting ready for your next hair extension appointment? These hairstylist tools are essential:  

Hair Extension Pliers  

When your hair extension client leaves your chair, you don’t want to hear anything about their hair extensions falling out before their next appointment. Add hair extension pliers to your hair extension tools lineup—it will soon become your new go-to tool! This is one of our personal favorite hairstylist tools, which is why we created our signature Hair Extension Pliers by Big Kizzy.  

This is an all-in-one tool with a variety of uses, including: 

  • Tape-in extension pressing tool 
  • Plier for micro-link or bead extensions 
  • Removing hot fusion or keratin bond extensions 
  • Sealing tape-in and micro bead extensions 

These pliers have a smooth, flat tip that allows you to seal and apply even firm pressure. Say goodbye to bond failure and tape extension slipping! There’s also a notched hole for reshaping and removing circular links. The cushioned ergonomic handle comfortably fits in your hand as you work on your client’s hair.   

Hair Extension-Friendly Brushes  

Of course, you can’t forget the hair extensions tools to keep those strands looking healthy and strong—brushes! Make sure you have various brushes that are both gentle and effective on hair extensions. These brushes will smoothly glide through the hair without snagging or pulling (this is key!).  

Add these brushes to your collection of hair extension tools

  • Loop Brush – This brush is made specifically for hair extensions! The bristles are looped, which won’t snag or tug on hair extensions. Easily get out knots and tangles with this hair extension brush! 
  • Boar Bristle Brush – These brushes help to reduce frizz and add shine to hair. The soft bristles help distribute oil throughout your client’s hair. This brush is gentle on extensions, so it’s a great one to have on hand! 
  • Round Brush – A stylist staple item, a round brush helps create salon-quality blowouts with gorgeous volume.   

Brushing your clients' hair extensions with the right hairstylist tools will ensure a flawless finish! When brushing hair extensions, start at the ends in a downward motion, working in sections. Slowly work your way up and avoid attachment points.   

Detangling and Styling Combs

Whether you’re applying, removing, styling, or detangling, combs are another essential part of your hair extensions tools. Having the right combs will help make your job much easier for beautiful hair extensions your clients will love!  

These two combs are top choices for hair extension experts: 

  • Rat Tail Fine Tooth Comb – This comb has a long-pointed end, which is used for creating sections, parting the hair, and removing or applying hair extensions. Smooth out the strands with the comb section as needed.  
  • Wide Tooth Comb – For detangling, a wide-tooth comb is the best choice! Be as gentle as possible when getting those knots and tangles out. This comb will help get it done!  

Having both of these combs on hand will banish knots and tangles (which aren’t a good look for hair extensions!). Always comb in a downward motion and avoid tugging on attachment points. You can place your free hand on attachment points to hold them firmly in place when detangling.  

No Sew Hair Extension Clips  

If your client is looking to switch their hair extensions from tape-in or weft to clip-in, our Kizzy Clips are the answer! This clip-in conversion kit has everything you need to attach pressure-sensitive hair extension clips to extensions.  

Here’s why your hair extension clients will love these clips: 

  • Customize how wide and thick each clip-in extension panel is 
  • The clips are reusable to make a new set of clip-ins when tape-in extensions wear out 
  • Custom blend unique colors for multidimensional shades  

These clips are a great addition to anyone’s hair extension tools to have versatility with switching up styles. Our kit comes with nine clips along with Extra Hold Single-Sided Tape and Extra Hold Double-Sided Tape. Everything you need is included!  

Looking for the best hair tools for extensions and the products to go with them? Visit our online store at Big Kizzy for hair tape, removers, and more!