Tape-in Hair Extension Sealing Tool | A simple yet essential step

Tape-in Hair Extension Sealing Tool | A simple yet essential step


Seal the Deal with Blueberry

If you’re not using a sealing tool you are missing a very important step in your application! 

If you are a professional stylist who does tape in extensions or a tape in extension wearer you know how important it is to start with a flawless application. The steps to a great application are probably very familiar to you: 

  • Start with clean/clarified, dry hair. 
  • Make sure there is not too little or too much hair sectioned between panels. 
  • Keep your sections clean.  
  • Make sure your panels are perfectly aligned. 
  • Create a solid seal by pressing the panels together. (This last step is where having a tool can make all the difference!) 

You may think that pressing panels by hand is good enough, but trust us..using a sealing tool like blueberry is even better! 

Why? Well we could explain the physics behind it but basically using blueberry multiplies the amount of pressure you can apply to each panel. 

More pressure when sealing the panel ensures that no air is trapped between the panels. When there are gaps or air bubbles between panels it makes way for our hair's own natural oils, styling product, sweat, etc to make its way into the extension panel and cause them to break down prematurely or get extra ooey gooey which makes for an uncomfortable and time consuming removal process. 

A panel that breaks down too soon can cause slipping, sliding, and sad feelings. No one wants their application to fall out, so use a sealing tool like Blueberry and make sure yours does not!