Are Tape-in Hair Extensions Reusable?

Are Tape-in Hair Extensions Reusable?

Tape-in extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions available (and one of the most comfortable to wear options!). They’re great for anyone looking for a new look to boost volume and length. With tape-in extensions, stylists can customize your hair based on texture, desired style, and color. Changing up your tresses is always fun, but the question remains: can you reuse tape-in extensions

Investing in hair extensions means you should be able to use them more than once. When you have those seamlessly blended thick and long locks, you’ll definitely want to keep wearing them. Our hair extension specialists at Big Kizzy are here to answer common questions such as: are tape-in hair extensions reusable and how to re-tape hair extensions. You’ll be a tape-in extension expert in no time. Let’s reach those hair goals!  

Can You Reuse Tape-In Extensions? 

If you’re wondering, “Can I reuse tape-in hair extensions?” Yes, you can! 

It’s recommended to remove and reapply tape-in hair extensions every four to six weeks, with eight weeks being the maximum. This all depends on how fast the hair grows, the type of adhesive used, and if the extensions were applied properly. When you remove the hair extensions, they’re reusable, but the quality of your hair extensions will impact how many times you can reuse them.  

How Many Times Can You Reuse Tape Extensions? 

The number of times you can reuse tape-in extensions varies depending on the quality of the extensions and if they’ve been properly maintained. This means washing, brushing, and using conditioning treatments to keep them looking their best. High-quality hair extensions will always last the longest! 

On average, you can reuse tape-in extensions two to three times before you’ll need to replace them. You could also convert them to clip-ins to continue to use them once tape tabs are no longer an option. Some high-quality hair extensions may even be used up to four times with the proper care.  

How To Re-Tape Hair Extensions

Knowing that the answer to can you re tape hair extensions is yes, it’s time to learn how to re-tape hair extensions! The term retape means adding new tape to your existing tape-in hair extensions to reapply them. We always recommend having your hair extensions removed by a professional stylist, but if you need to remove them at home, that’s an option too!  

We’ve got your step-by-step instructions and the products you’ll need to remove tape-in hair extensions properly.  

Here's how to re-tape hair extensions

  1. Start with an alcohol-based solvent (like our Remover 1: Tape Remover) to dissolve the adhesive from the extensions. 
  2. If there’s any extra residue left behind, use our Remover 2: Residue Remover
  3. For extra stubborn adhesives and residue (usually when hair extensions have been left in 8+ weeks), turn to our Remover 3: Conditioning Remover. 
  4. Once the extensions have been removed, it’s best to wash the natural hair to get any remaining residue out before moving to the next step.  
  5. After the hair is washed and dry, you can retape the hair extensions with single-sided or double-sided tape tabs.  
  6. Use a sealing tool like hair extension pliers to increase the longevity and durability of the tape-in extension attachment points.  

Whether you do your own extensions at home or you’re a professional stylist, it’s crucial to have all of the products you need for hair extension application and removal!  

All of Your Tape-In Extensions Essentials in One Place 

Can you reuse tape-in extensions? Yes, but now you need the products to properly apply, remove, and maintain your hair extensions! Let’s start with the application part. Ensure you have your hair extension tape, which comes in regular hold or extra hold, and single-sided or double-sided. Next, you’ll need remover solvents when taking out the tape-in extensions. And finally, all of the haircare products for washing, conditioning, and styling your hair (all of our products are safe for hair extensions, dyed hair, and keratin-treated hair).  

Having a haircare routine for your hair extensions is essential for them to last longer and look their best. Big Kizzy Hair was founded by a stylist who wanted to create products that simplify hair extension application and care. Whether you’re a stylist or prefer to do your hair extensions at home, you can find everything you need with us! We makes it easy for you to maintain your hair extensions as well as apply and remove them. 

Find everything you need for your hair extensions for only good hair days ahead!