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Extra Hold Single Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs


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Extra Hold Single Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs

Sometimes, less is more. Especially when it comes to hair extensions for thin hair. For this type of client, applying a tape-in hair extension with a single sided replacement tape tab can provide the perfect amount of density without adding unwanted weight to the fragile hair. 

These tape tabs come with hypoallergenic adhesive on only one side, so that you can complete a tape-in hair extension using a single weft. 

    HOW TO
    • Step 1: Remove extensions from clients hair by following instructions found on the Big Kizzy Remover 1 page. If removed properly, the extensions should be clean and ready for reapplication.
    • STEP 2: Remove one Double Sided tape tab from it’s sheet, being sure not to touch the adhesive side with your fingers.
    • STEP 3: Align and place the tape tab onto the adhesive area of the extension you are reapplying.
    • STEP 4: Continue applying tape to all extension pieces
    • STEP 5: When all extensions have new tape on them, prepare hair for application by sectioning your first row.
    • STEP 6: Remove the paper backing from the re-tabbed extension and apply it to your client’s hair.
    • STEP 7: Complete the application of the extension by pairing with a piece of the Single Sided Tape.
    • STEP 8: For a more secure application, ensure a strong hold by pressing the extension tighter using Hair Extensions Pliers.

    *Be sure to keep the extensions organized in the same placement that they were removed from hair, in order to ensure that any customization to may have been applied to the extensions such as trimming or blending, will remain in the same place and provide the same completed look.

    • Single sided tape tabs
    • Designed for thin and fragile hair
    • Pairs with one piece of Tape In Extension
    • Extremely strong & durable hold
    • Lasts 7+ weeks when properly applied and maintained.
    • Standard Size Hair Extension Replacement Tape 4cm x 8cm.
    • Compatible with most major tape extension brands
    • BIG KIZZY Removers required for proper removal.

    • PRO TIP: When reapplying your tape in hair extensions you will also need Double Sided Extension Tape. Why? Because the tape in extension pieces will need the double sided tape, and then they will be paired with the Single Sided Tape
    EXTRA HOLD - Single Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs
    Single Sided Tape for Extensions
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    Extra Hold Single Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs


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