Can You Swim with Tape In Extensions?

Can You Swim with Tape In Extensions?

We all know that feeling of booking a vacation to a tropical destination! Knowing you’ll be relaxing by the beach or poolside. Of course, you want to look your best on vacation, so you might wonder, “Can you swim with tape in extensions?” Or maybe you have a pool in your own backyard or in your community that you frequent. Can you swim with extensions there? For those who love going to the beach year-round, you’ve likely asked yourself, “Can you get hair extensions wet?”  

Before diving into the deep end or catching some waves, you’ll want to keep reading! Our extension pros at Big Kizzy are here to answer your questions and give you expert advice about swimming with hair extensions. Let’s dip our toes into the water with all the essential info you need, plus tips to keep your hair fresh and flawless. So, grab your towel and swimsuit, it’s time to make a splash!  

Can You Swim with Tape In Hair Extensions

Now for the question we’re all curious about: can you swim with tape in hair extensions? The short answer is: yes, you can! But remember, it’s okay to swim with hair extensions every once in a while. It's probably not the best idea to swim with them every day. If you swim with them daily, you’ll start to notice your hair getting split ends and frizzing, especially if it’s with chlorinated water. It can also start to affect the adhesive tape on your extensions if you swim with them frequently. Lighter hair tones, such as blonde shades, are especially susceptible to discoloration from chlorine, so keep that in mind. Even saltwater can be drying to your extensions, so moderation is key with how often you swim!   

What Are the Best Hair Extensions for Swimmers?  

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the best hair extensions for swimmers! This is because they’re less likely to fall out of your hair while swimming (compared to clip-in or band-style extensions.) Even worse, when you swim with clip-in hair extensions, the attachments can get knotted up with your strands. You should also stick with higher quality hair extensions, like those made from human hair, rather than synthetic. Hair of lesser quality is more likely to become damaged when exposed to salt water or chlorine.  

Tips for Swimming with Hair Extensions 

Before we continue with our tips for swimming with hair extensions, let’s review what we’ve covered so far. Can you get hair extensions wet? Yes. Can you swim with extensions? Yes, but take extra care if you’re swimming with extensions that aren’t tape in or made of human hair. You also want to limit how often you go swimming with your hair extensions, if possible!  

Use these tips to maintain your hair extensions with your swim session: 

  • Before you swim, use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any tangles in your extensions. 
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner before swimming to create a protective layer on your strands. 
  • Always rinse your hair as soon as possible after going for a swim (poolside or beach showers are lifesavers here!).  
  • When you get home, use a sulfate-free shampoo that’s safe for hair extensions to wash out any harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, from your hair.  
  • Use a deep conditioner to replenish the much-needed moisture back to your extensions.  
  • Apply a frizz serum to nourish your strands and keep split ends at bay.  
  • Avoid getting your hair extensions wet in a hot tub, as lukewarm to cold water is better for your hair—extreme temps can be damaging! 
  • Minimize hair tangling or damage during swimming activities by wearing a high-quality silicone swim cap, braiding your hair, or wearing it in a ponytail.  
  • After you swim, use a hair oil to keep your strands hydrated and nourished.   

Maintain Your Hair Extensions with Proper Care 

Now that you know the answer to “Can you swim with tape-in extensions?” you’re ready to enjoy the water! No need to let a fear of ruining your extensions get in the way of your day out at the pool or beach. As long as you’re swimming with tape-in extensions that are high quality while taking the proper precautions, you can keep them looking their best.  

Big Kizzy products are here to help you take proper care of your extensions! Keep your hair extensions firmly in place when swimming with strong hair tapes such as Extra Hold Double-Sided or Extra Hold Single-Sided. And remember to always stick with a routine that uses high-quality haircare products to maintain your strands. Ensuring you’re properly washing, conditioning, and treating your hair with products that are gentle equals long-lasting extensions. Make sure to stock up on all the hair extension products you need before you dive in!