Weft Hair Extensions Using Big Kizzy Hair Tools

Weft Hair Extensions Before and After Using Big Kizzy Hair Tools

There’s nothing like a showstopping hair extensions before and after moment! Seeing how much of a difference a weft hair extension application makes will have you making your salon appointment ASAP for your hair. With a full head of weft hair applied, your tresses will have stunning length and gorgeous volume. This is what hair dreams are made of! 

If you’ve never had hair extensions before, you’re probably wondering what the final result will look like using weft extensions. That’s where we come in! First up, we have some radiant weft hair extensions before and after glow-ups using Big Kizzy hair tools. Then, we’ll go over all the essentials you need for weft hair extension placement and removal. It's time for the best of the best Big Kizzy hair reveals!  

The Best Hair Extensions Before and After Transformations  

Our hair extension experts have been hard at work behind the scenes, making sure we have all of the top extension products and tools. And the hard work has paid off because the results of these weft hair extensions before and after moments are pretty amazing! It's so rewarding to see the final look and know that our tools helped create it.  

Here are some of our fave hair extensions before and after weft applications: 

Before And After Example of Model Using Big Kizzy Weft Extensions

From thin strands and short tresses to pumped-up volume and lengthy locks—we love to see it! Now, let’s get into an overview of all the products you need for your next weft hair glow-up.   

Essential Hair Tools for Weft Hair Extension Application and Removal  

Whether you’re a hair extension expert or a DIY hair enthusiast, we have all the tools you need to apply and remove weft hair extensions! Our team at Big Kizzy has years of experience with hair extensions and working with stylists. We’ve created the ultimate collection of hair extension must-haves for the best results possible.   

We recommend these products for applying and removing weft hair extensions:  

Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions 

Light blonde silicone beads

Our 5mm Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions provide a safe and secure fit with a non-slip foundation for beaded weft hair extensions. Use these silicone-lined beads with machine-made, hand-tied, or hybrid wefts for any brand of extensions. They come in six colors (Light Blonde, Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black, and Burgundy) in either a 250-count or 1000-count pack. 

Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions 

Nylon blonde thread for weft extensions


Our Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions is lightweight yet strong and has a non-slip stitch for applying sew-in weft extensions. Use it to attach machine-made, hand-tied, or hybrid wefts to the hair. No matter which brand of hair extensions you use, this thread will be a perfect match! Choose from five colors (Light Blonde, Blonde, Brown, Black, and Burgundy) in 250m or 1400m of thread.  

Weaving Needles 

Weaving needles for weft extensions

These professional C Curve weaving needles are a must-have tool for applying weft extensions.

Loop Tool 

Loop tool for weft extensions

Use our lightweight yet durable loop tool for hair extension beads to apply weft extensions with ease.  

Hair Extension Cutting Shears 

hair extension cutting shears

Our premium-quality Hair Extension Cutting Shears are a must for weft hair extension application. Use them to custom-cut hair extensions to the natural hair and preferred style. 

Hair Extension Thinning Shears 

hair extension thinning shears


Use our professional Hair Extension Thinning Shears to blend and shape hair extensions to the desired final look. Texturize and thin hair extensions with these sheers for a flawless finish after application.  

Extension Pliers 

weft extension pliers


These premium-quality weft pliers will be your new favorite tool to add to your collection. They’re specially designed to firmly and evenly close hair extension beads (no slippage or damage here!). 

Claw Pliers 

hair extension claw pliers

Need to remove weft extensions? These professional claw pliers easily loosen and open beads for a non-damaging and seamless removal process.

Small Weft Scissors 

small weft hair extension scissors

Add these small scissors to your weft toolkit for cutting weft thread during application and removal. They can also be used to cut wefts as needed!

Find Everything You Need for Weft Hair and Beyond with Big Kizzy 

Transforming tresses with hair extensions is quite literally hair magic, as shown with our weft hair extensions before and after photos! However, no weft hair extension application or removal is complete without the right tools of the trade. From beads and thread to shears and pliers, Big Kizzy has everything you need for weft hair and more.  

Are you using tape-in extensions instead of weft? We have an extensive line of professional-grade hair tapes and removers. Plus, our products are compatible with the most popular hair extension brands. And after the hair extensions are applied, we carry a range of salon-quality hair care products to maintain those strands. Head to our website to stock up on everything you need for hair extensions!