The Benefits of Using Beaded Weft Extensions

The Benefits of Using Beaded Weft Extensions

When exploring the world of hair extensions, deciding which method to choose is your first step! From tape-in hair extensions to beaded weft extensions, it all depends on what option works best for you and your hair. At Big Kizzy, we love hair extensions and know whichever style you choose is an important decision. That’s why we’re helping you figure out if beaded weft hair extensions are right for you.  

If you’ve never had hair extensions before or are unfamiliar with beaded weft extensions, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. From all the benefits of choosing micro bead weft hair extensions to the different types of beads, we’re covering it all. Now, get ready to level up your look!  

What Are Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions are attached to your hair using beads that have been sewn along each weft using nylon thread. The beads are then sealed in place using a hair extension pressing tool to prevent slippage. Each weft lies flat against the scalp as the beads are discreetly concealed underneath your natural hair. When you use silicone beads for hair extensions, they’ll protect your hair from damage when applied by a professional stylist. When you make your salon appointment for micro bead weft hair extensions, you can expect it to take anywhere from two to four hours.   

Here’s what we love about beaded weft extensions 

  • The small beads are gentle on your hair and provide a secure fit.  
  • They allow you to leave all of your natural hair out (unlike other methods such as sew-in weave). 
  • They offer a natural and flawless blend that goes undetected in your hair (let it be your best-kept hair secret!).  
  • They’re easy to maintain and require minimal upkeep.  
  • They only need to be reapplied by your stylist every six to eight weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows).   
  • They have an easy removal process without any tape or glue residue involved. 
  • They’re reusable for multiple applications.  

Are Beaded Weft Extensions Bad for Your Hair

 If you’re worried about damaging your natural hair from using beaded weft extensions, there’s no need to! This is one of the best options for your hair as it doesn’t use any chemicals, glue, or heat for application. When you have beaded weft hair extensions applied by an experienced stylist, you can rest assured they know how to correctly apply them to avoid any damage.  

What Are the Different Types of Micro Beads?  

Once you decide to go with micro bead weft hair extensions, next you’ll need to choose what type of micro beads to use! Your stylist may have a specific type of bead on hand that they use and prefer. Reach out to different salons and hair extension professionals to find out if they offer beaded weft extensions and what micro-beads they use.  

Here are the main types of beads used for beaded weft hair extensions:  

Silicone Beads for Hair Extensions  

Silicone beads for hair extensions are made of an aluminum bead that has an inside layer of soft silicone. The silicone is gentle on hair, which is perfect for those looking for a damage-free option. Silicone has an excellent grip, which holds these beads securely in place. Since silicone beads put less strain on the hair, they’re a top choice for many stylists and are suitable for all hair types. BIG KIZZY offers the best Silicone Lined Beads to use on your Beaded Weft hair Extensions, check them out here

Grooved Beads for Hair Extensions  

Grooved beads for beaded weft extensions have tiny grooves inside the beads that interlock when crimped. These work well for anyone who has thicker hair and needs an extra secure hold. These beads are made of aluminum and designed to reduce slippage.  

Flare Beads for Hair Extensions  

Flare beads for micro bead weft hair extensions are made of copper and are longer than the other bead types. This helps to spread out the pressure on the hair, which is ideal for those with fine or thin hair. The copper material is also softer than the grooved bead aluminum. These beads don’t hold on as tightly as the other types, so they’re suitable for more fragile hair.  

Take Care of Your Extensions for Long-Lasting Locks  

Now that you know all about beaded weft extensions, you can decide if it’s right for you! For natural-looking strands that give you extra volume and length, you can’t go wrong with beaded weft hair extensions. When applied by a professional stylist, micro bead weft hair extensions won’t damage your strands (which is a huge plus!). Choose from grooved, flare, and silicone beads for hair extensions that blend flawlessly with your natural hair.   

Once you make that salon appointment to have your beaded weft extensions applied, prepare for gorgeous tresses! You’ll need hair extension-friendly haircare products to keep your extensions looking fabulous and lasting as long as possible. Big Kizzy has your shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, serums, and more for stunning strands!