Tape In Extension Tool: The Secret to Reducing Extension Slip

Tape In Extension Tool: The Secret to Reducing Extension Slip

The hair you’ve always wanted is possible with tape-in hair extensions! They’re lightweight, easy to apply, and give your hair that extra length and volume you’ve been waiting for. But if you’re here because you just searched “how to fix slipping tape in extensions,” your hair glow-up probably hasn’t quite gone according to plan. You can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place! 

Our hair experts at Big Kizzy are well-versed in all things tape in hair extensions. We know the ins and outs of what products and hair extension tools to use for the best results. First, we’ll start by figuring out why your hair extensions are slipping to begin with. Then we’ll cover how to fix this problem (so it doesn’t happen again!) and introduce you to our tape in extension tool to help prevent future slippage. Secure hair extensions only from now on—let’s get into it!  

Why Are My Tape in Extensions Slipping? 

Ready to fix your tape in hair extensions that are slipping? You need to get to the root of the problem first (pun intended!). Now, here’s the deal: the issue lies with either the way your hair extensions were applied or how they were cared for after application. If you had the slipping issue within the first week, it’s likely due to an application error. If you start having issues beyond that timeframe, the problem might be in the maintenance routine or other external factors.    

If you had your tape in extensions applied by a stylist, did they use a tape in extension tool to secure your extensions? It’s also possible you didn’t follow the aftercare directions as precisely as you should have (don’t worry, no one is perfect!). Maybe you’re more of a DIY hair person and applied them yourself. Mistakes could have been made, but we’re here to figure that out!  

How to Fix Slipping Tape In Extensions  

Say goodbye to slipping extensions and hello to hair extensions that stay put! We’ve heard it all at Big Kizzy HQ as hair extension experts working in the industry for years. The good news is that slippage can happen, and it’s an easy fix. It all comes down to proper application and care afterward. 

Here are the most common reasons hair extensions slip and how to fix them: 

They Weren’t Applied with a Tape in Extension Pressing Tool 

The secret to banning those slipping tape in extensions? A tape in extension pressing tool! This extension tool is a total game-changer when applying tape in hair extensions. Our hair extension pliers are an all-in-one tape in extension tool that can reduce slipping when applying tape in hair extensions. We recommend using them every other day to press your tape-in “sandwiches” together to prevent slippage.  

Hair Wasn’t Thoroughly Washed Before Application  

When oil, dirt, and product build-up are left in your hair, it makes it difficult for the hair tape adhesive to stick properly. Use a specially formulated shampoo that’s effective at getting out any extra build-up on the scalp and your strands. Oily hair can prevent effective adhesion, so ensure your hair is thoroughly clean for your next extension application.  

Too Much Hair In Between The Panels 

Too much hair in between your sandwiched tape in extensions can prevent the wefts from adhering to each other, which can cause slipping. The amount of hair in between should be based on your hair type, with more if you have fine hair and less with thicker hair. Find the right balance for your hair needs!  

The Panels Are Not Aligned Correctly  

If the panels for your tape-in extensions aren’t precisely lined up, they can cause slippage. When pinching the panels together, if you feel any stickiness, you’re probably feeling the panels misaligned. To prevent this, it’s recommended to have a professional stylist who has experience in tape-in extensions. This will make it easier to ensure each panel is aligned and will stay attached using an extension tool.  

Didn’t Use the Right Hair Extension Tools or Products 

From application to removal and maintenance, you need the right hair extension tools and products for hair that won’t slip! Beyond using a tape in extension tool for application, the type of hair tape (regular hold vs. extra hold) and remover play huge factors in how your extensions hold up. This also goes for the hair care products you use in your daily routine that should be hair extension friendly.  

Having the proper knowledge and tips will prevent those slips! When you know what caused your hair extensions to slip, you can avoid this for your next application. Whether you’re a stylist or an at-home hair maven, find everything you need for your hair extensions at Big Kizzy