Why Does Tape In Hair Extension Placement Matter?

Why Does Tape In Hair Extension Placement Matter?

Is your hair in need of added length and volume? Full and thick hair with stunning length is possible with hair extensions! And no, you don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow or wish and hope your hair is suddenly thicker. Tape-in extensions are a quick and easy way to give your hair that length and fullness you’ve always wanted. But for the best experience possible, it’s all about the hair extension placement

Finding someone who knows how to do tape in extensions (time to search for stylists that do tape in hair extensions near me), or if you’re extra ambitious, learning how to do it yourself is essential. When your tape in hair extension placement is out of whack, that’s when your hair dreams start to fall flat. But that’s why you’re here, right? Let this serve as your tape in hair extensions placement guide because our Big Kizzy extension pros are revealing all of our expert tips.   

Why Hair Extension Placement is Key for Tape In Extensions  

First things first, let’s start with the why! Why does tape in hair extension placement matter? Well, let us ask you a question before we answer that. Do you want your hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair, feel comfortable, and not slip out? Then trust the process!  

Here are some common issues that happen when hair extension placement isn’t right:  

  • The weft is placed too close to the scalp, which can cause pain and tension on the roots. 
  • The tape in extensions are placed at a strong diagonal, which can also cause tension. 
  • The weft panels are misaligned when using double-sided tape and don’t seal properly.  

Once you determine what went wrong with the tape in hair extension placement, it’s much easier to correct it for the reapplication. Are you ready to fix any hair extension placement issues? Check out our tape in hair extensions placement guide up next!  

How To Do Tape in Extensions with the Correct Placement  

Having proper tape in hair extension placement makes a huge difference! It’ll make the application process easier and prevent any tension or pain from the extensions. Hair extension placement is also important for the extensions to blend properly into your natural hair.   

Follow these tips for our tape-in extensions placement guide:  

Don’t Place Tape In Extensions Too Close to the Scalp  

Aim to place your tape-in hair extensions between ¼ and ½ inch from the scalp. If you place it too close to the scalp, it doesn’t allow the hair to fall naturally, which can create tension and buckling. The extensions can cause pain because of this and won’t last as long. Proper tape in hair extension placement prevents this entirely!   

Avoid Placing Tape In Extensions at a Strong Diagonal  

When placing hair extensions to add more density around the face, this is when diagonal placement is used (horizontal placement is used for the rest of the head). The issue with diagonal hair extension placement can arise when the angle is too extreme. This then causes a similar problem as before, with the hair not being able to fall naturally and having a slight curve. Instead, create a softer diagonal that follows the way the natural hair wants to lay.   

Ensure The Tape In Extension Wefts Are Properly Aligned  

This is where precision is everything! As you’re placing the extensions in the hair to create the tape in sandwich, even if they’re slightly misaligned or off-center, then the extensions won’t seal properly. Make sure each weft panel is perfectly aligned and pressed together (use a hair extension pressing tool to seal it properly!). Try this quick test to make sure they’re properly aligned: pinch the panels together and see if you feel any stickiness. If you feel any stickiness, this is likely due to the panels being misaligned.  

When in Doubt, Go with a Professional Stylist 

Knowing how crucial proper tape in hair extension placement is, finding a tape in hair extensions near me should be your next search! If you try to do your tape in hair extension at home, it’s harder to tell if your hair extension placement is aligned and in the right place. When a hair extension professional applies your tape in extensions, you’ll have extensions that aren’t placed too close to your scalp and are properly aligned. This means a perfect application every time with no tension or pain, with a seamless blend into your natural hair!   

Want long-lasting extensions that look and feel great? Now that you know how to do tape in extensions properly, it’s time to grab all of your extension essentials. Stock up on your hair tape tabs, remover solvents, hair care products, and more with Big Kizzy!