Tape In Hair Extensions Tips and Tricks

20 Tape in Hair Extensions Tips and Tricks for Pros

When you get your hair done by a professional stylist who does tape in hair extensions, the possibilities are endless! You can use tape-ins to add volume and extra-long length, and for a multi-dimensional look, you can play around with mixing and matching shades. Whatever style you desire, you can make it happen with a quick and easy tape in hair extensions installation.  

If you’re new to tape in hair extensions, you’ll find everything you need to know ahead. We’ll go over our top tape in hair extensions tips and tricks that only the pros know. Our hair extension gurus at Big Kizzy are revealing our expert insights, so stick around and make sure to take notes!  

The Ultimate Tape in Hair Extensions Guide  

Big Kizzy® Pro Hold™ Double Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tab Being Applied to Extension
Up next, we’re sharing the best insider tips for gorgeous tape in hair extensions every time. First, let’s go over our tips for applying tape-in extensions to ensure the best experience possible. Then, we’ll give you all the details for tape-in hair extension removal. Ready, set, tape! Here are the tape in hair extensions tips and tricks we swear by:  

Tape in Hair Extensions Installation Tips: 

  • Use double-sided tape for standard applications and single-sided tape to use half the amount of wefts for less weight on the hair (for thinner or finer hair types).  
    Pro Hold Double Sided Hair Extension Tape TabsPro Hold Single Sided Tape Extension Tabs
  • Use regular hold tape for thin to normal hair and extra hold tape for thicker hair. You should choose tape depending on hold time and how long you plan to wear your extensions.
    Regular Hold Hair Extension TapeExtra Hold Hair Extension Tape
  • Apply the extensions in horizontal rows, starting at the back of the head and working your way around the sides.  
  • Ensure you section out the right amount of hair to sandwich between the wefts. Too much hair will prevent proper adhesion, and too little will cause the extensions to slip. 
  • Place your tape in hair extensions between a ¼ and ½ inch from the scalp. If it’s too close to the scalp, it won’t fall naturally and can create tension at the roots.  
  • As you create the tape-in sandwiches, ensure the wefts are aligned so they’ll seal properly.  
  • Check to make sure the wefts are aligned by pinching them together and checking for stickiness. If you feel stickiness, you’ll need to re-align them.  
  • Use Tape In Applicator Tool to seal the tape-in wefts as you go along to prevent slippage.  
    Tape In Hair Extension Applicator Tool
  • Make sure to wait at least 48 hours before washing the hair after the tape-in application to give the adhesive time to set.   

Tape in Hair Extensions Removal Tips: 

  • Tape in hair extensions should typically be removed and reapplied anywhere between four and  ten weeks (this depends on preference, natural hair growth, and also depends on the strength of the hair tape).  
  • Choose between alcohol or oil-based removers depending on preference and the tape adhesive used (you may also need to use both in some cases to remove leftover residue).  
    Big Kizzy Hair Extension Remover Collection
  • Alcohol removers provide a quick, mess-free clean-up as they evaporate in the hair, but may need extra sprays to dissolve the adhesive. 
  • Oil-based removers are super gentle, but do leave behind an oily residue that’ll need to be washed out of the hair.  
  • Spray the remover solution at the attachment points and let them soak into the adhesive for 30 seconds to a minute. This will give the solvent enough time to dissolve the hair glue.  
  • Use a rat-tail comb to separate the wefts and move them side to side to gently loosen them from the natural hair.  
  • If there’s leftover residue, you can either spray more of the remover solution on it or use a residue remover spray
    Tape In Hair Extension Residue Remover
  • For extra stubborn residue, use a specially formulated remover such as our Remover 3.  
    Recon & Residue Remover
  • After spraying remover on the leftover residue, use a comb to gently remove it from the hair.  
  • Don’t toss your extensions after removal, you can reuse tape-in extensions two to three times before they need to be replaced! 

Did you get all of that? Bookmark this blog post for later so you can refer to it before your next tape in hair extensions installation!  

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And there you have it—our best tape in hair extensions tips and tricks for application and removal!   

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