Weft Hair Extensions 101: Everything You Need to Know

Weft Hair Extensions 101: Everything You Need to Know

Planning on trying out weft hair extensions? Adding gorgeous length and thickness to your hair is so exciting! No need to dream about the hair you’ve always wanted—you’re one salon appointment away from making it a reality! But at the same time, figuring out all of the different hair extension types and application methods can be a little confusing. Don’t worry! Our hair extension experts at Big Kizzy are ready to help.   

We’re covering everything you need to know about weft hair extensions—one of the most popular options for hair extensions. We love that hair weft extensions have a variety of ways to apply them to your natural hair based on your preference! Up next, we’ll go over the basics of hair extension wefts, explain the different application methods, and give you a rundown of how to figure out the cost. Weft Hair Extensions 101 starts now!

What Are Weft Hair Extensions

Time for your first lesson! Weft hair extensions are made with a base that has synthetic or human hair attached to it. They come in a range of sizes, lengths, colors, and textures. These wefts are then applied to the natural hair in various application methods (we’ll outline those a bit later!). Wefts are widely used across hair extension salons, and many options are available. So, what goes into making weft hair extensions

There are two different types of hair weft extensions:  

Machine Wefts  

Machine hair extension wefts are manufactured with a weaving machine that stitches strands of hair to a base material. These wefts are better for thick or coarse hair as they tend to be heavier and thicker than hand-tied wefts. For those reasons, fine or thin hair types should avoid this type of weft.   

Hand-Tied Wefts   

Hand-tied hair extension wefts are made by hand, tying strands of hair to a base material. These wefts are thinner than machine wefts, so they’re suitable for fine or thin hair types. Hand-tied wefts also tend to be more flexible and lighter than machine wefts.   

What Are the Application Methods for Hair Weft Extensions 

Now that you have a better understanding of what weft hair extensions are let’s go over the various types of application methods. You can find a wide range of salons that offer many different ways of applying hair extension wefts. Learning more about each method before committing to a hair extension appointment with a stylist is important. You can also discuss your options with a stylist to see which would work best with your hair type (we’ll also cover a couple of other methods in comparison!). 

These are the main types of weft hair extension application methods:  

Sew In Weft Hair Extensions  

Sew in weft hair extensions (also referred to as weave in hair extensions) are sewn into the natural hair onto small braids created along the scalp. You can opt for a partial sew-in, full sew-in, or invisible sew-in based on your hair needs. These types of extensions are very secure and can last several weeks to a few months.   

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions  

Beaded weft hair extensions go by many different names, such as hidden beaded row, IBE, invisible beaded row, micro-link or NBR extensions. These extensions are applied using tiny beads or links to hold the natural hair and wefts together in small sections. The beads are hidden under layers of your natural hair for a flawless blend.   

Here are other popular hair extension application methods worth noting:  

Bonded Hair Extensions  

Bonded hair extensions are also known as keratin fusion extensions, I-tips, U-tips, and flat-tips. The general method is applied by attaching the extensions using a glue tip that’s melted into the natural hair near the root. This hair extension method is best suited for those with thicker hair types.   

Tape In Hair Extensions  

Tape in hair extensions are applied with a hair tape adhesive with natural hair sandwiched between two wefts. Each weft will be attached to the hair using hair glue or tape tabs that stick in place. Choose from single-sided tape or double-sided tape and extra hold or regular hold based on your hair type.   

How Much Are Weft Hair Extensions? 

As you go over all of the different ways to apply weft hair extensions, you’re probably wondering, “How much are weft hair extensions?” The answer to this question varies significantly across the board. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a hair extension method, and then you’ll have to reach out to your local salon for pricing. There will be one cost for the weft hair extensions themselves and then the cost of application and maintenance.  

After you get your hair extensions applied, make sure to check out our Big Kizzy shop! We have a range of professional hair care products for extensions. If you go with tape-in hair extensions, we also carry hair tapes, removers, and tools for the perfect application and removal!