The Longest-Lasting Tape for Donna Bella Hair Extensions

The Longest-Lasting Tape for Donna Bella Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t love long and voluminous locks? That’s when hair extensions make their debut as your hair’s best-kept secret! If you’re looking for an easy-to-apply semi-permanent option, tape-in hair extensions are perfect for both extension connoisseurs and newbies alike.  

We’re huge fans of tape-in extensions at Big Kizzy—that’s why we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to create high-quality and long-lasting hair tape. And the best part? Our hair tape is compatible with all of the top tape in hair extension brands! Today we’re highlighting one of our faves, Donna Bella hair extensions (and specifically Donna Bella tape in hair extensions!).   

What Type of Hair Extensions Does Donna Bella Have? 

If you’re looking for hair extensions, Donna Bella has every option you can think of! All of their hair extensions are crafted with 100% Remy human hair, which means the best quality on the market. They categorize the types of hair extensions by professional methods and ready-to-wear styles. The professional methods include Donna Bella tape in hair extensions, hybrid weft extensions, kera-link extensions, I-link extensions, and flat-tip extensions. The ready-to-wear styles to choose from are clip-in extensions or halo extensions.  

Depending on which method you use, Donna Bella hair extensions offer lengths ranging from 12” to 30.” Choose from a collection of colors like brown, blonde, black, and red hues with some fashion shades as well, like purple, blue, and pink. You can also expect to find straight, curly, and wavy styles and textures to match your natural hair best. Finding that ideal combination of length, color, and texture is key to a flawless blend.   

All About Donna Bella Tape In Hair Extensions 

Tape-in extensions are popular, super effective, the fastest application method, and a top choice for stylists! Donna Bella tape in hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair that’s ethically sourced. The hair feels silky and smooth and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. These hair extensions are applied easily and quickly by your stylist. They’re gentle on your strands and comfortable to wear.   

If you want a specific color, texture, or length of tape-in hair extensions, Donna Bella has whatever you’re looking for! Beyond the traditional shades, you can opt for blends, ombrés, and rooted variations. They also have vivid rainbow colors if you want to stand out with your tape-in hair extensions. Donna Bella tape in hair extensions are a versatile choice if you want to go with one shade or multiple to add more dimension or pops of color to your strands.  

The Best Hair Tape for Tape In Extensions by Donna Bella   

Already have your set of Donna Bella tape in hair extensions? If you’re looking for hair tape for tape in extensions by Donna Bella, you’re in the right place! Our hair tape is made of high-quality adhesive that works effortlessly with Donna Bella hair extensions.   

Choose from our collection of hair tapes that best suits your needs: 


Ultra Stick Double Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape- this premium hypoallergenic tape comes with adhesive on both sides, creating a long lasting and highly durable (6-8+ weeks) bond. 

Ultra Stick Double Single Hair Extension Replacement Tapethis premium hypoallergenic tape comes with adhesive on only one side, which allows the user to create an extension out of a single tape in weft. This tape is super strong, and will last up to 6-8+ weeks from installation.


In case you are unsure whether to use double sided or single sided tape with your Donna Bella tape in hair extensions, here’s a helpful guide for deciding between single-sided or double-sided tapeAnd, yes, tape-in hair extensions are reusable! You can reuse your Donna Bella hair extensions usually two to three times before needing to replace them.  

REMOVAL: When your tape in extensions have grown away from your head, its time to remove them and reapply them closer to your hairline. We offer several types of removers that work perfectly with Donna Bella Tape In Hair Extensions and our Ultra Stick Hair Extension Replacement Tape: our alcohol-based Blue Bond Remover and Purple Bond Remover, or our oil-based Bond Breaker Remover.

Find Your Essential Tape-In Hair Extension Products and Tools   

Once you find your perfect match with Donna Bella hair extensions, you’ll need the best products for application, removal, and maintenance! At Big Kizzy, we offer hair tape that pairs with your Donna Bella tape in hair extensions for locks that look and feel fabulous. Beyond our selection of hair tapes, we also have removers that help remove any residue from your hair when you take your extensions out. Keep your tape-in extensions in place by using our hair extension pliers to seal those adhesive attachment points. And finally, take care of your extensions with our specially formulated hair care products.  

Shop now for all of the essentials to keeping your Donna Bella tape in hair extensions in tip-top shape!