Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape: Which Do You Need?

Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape: Which Do You Need?

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular and widely used hair extension types in the industry! They’re lightweight, easy to apply and remove—what’s not to love? You can transform hair with ultimate length and volume with each hair extension with tape. When you’re ready to glow up your tresses, you might wonder whether you need double-sided hair extension tape or single-sided hair extension tape. We’ve got your answers ahead!  

Which Hair Extension Tape Should I Use? 

When it comes time to reapply your hair extensions, the next question is, which hair extension tape should you use? At Big Kizzy, we specialize in all things hair extensions, so you’re in the right place! Let’s go over the two main types of hair extension tape: double-sided hair extension tape and single-sided hair extension tape

Double-Sided Hair Tape  

The most common type of hair tape used is double-sided hair extension tape. This hair extension tape is used for normal to thicker hair types. Since thick hair has higher density, you want to match that density when applying a hair extension with tape by using double-sided hair extension tape. That way, each section uses two hair extension wefts that place the natural hair in between. We carry two different types of double-sided hair extension tape, depending on the hair type.  

Our Regular Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs are suitable for thin to normal hair. This double-sided hair extension tape has the right combination of strength and durability that makes applying and removing a breeze. With proper application and maintenance, this hair extension tape lasts for over five weeks. Our Extra Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs are ideal for thicker hair types. It’s also a top choice for those who want that longer-lasting tape that can hold for over seven weeks! This tape is designed with more adhesive to accommodate hair that’s larger in diameter or quantity.  

All of our tapes are the standard hair extension tape size, so it’s compatible with most major brands such as Bellami, Hotheads, Babe, Glam Seamless, Hairtalk, Invisitab, and more!  

Single-Sided Hair Extension Tape  

Since double-sided tape is the standard, when do you use single-sided hair extension tape? This hair extension tape is ideal for anyone who has thin or fine hair and might not be able to withhold the weight using double-sided tape. This is because single-sided hair extension tape allows you to apply the tape-in hair extension using a single weft. Usually, double-sided tape is used with two wefts, and the natural hair is placed between them.  

With single-sided tape, only one hair extension with tape is used per section, so the weight of the hair is halved, making it lighter on the scalp and natural hair. When using hair extensions for thin or fine hair types, using fewer wefts gives a more natural look since less hair is needed. Using fewer wefts allows for a gentle solution that adds less strain on delicate strands. This way, you add the perfect amount of density without hurting fragile hair. Single-sided hair extension tape can also be used to add multidimensional color for highlights or pops of fashion color to create a softer blend.  

Our Extra Hold Single-Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs are designed for thin and fragile hair. When properly applied and maintained, this strong and durable tape can last over seven weeks. The best part? Just like our double-sided hair extension tape, it’s compatible with most of your favorite hair extension brands.  

How Do Tape Extensions Work? 

Now that you know the two main types of hair extension tape, it’s time to reapply your hair extensions! Whether you’re a hair stylist or reapplying your tape-in extensions at home, save this for easy reference: 

  • Remove one tape tab from the sheet, being careful not to touch the adhesive side with your fingers. 
  • Align and place the tape tab onto the adhesive area of the extension you’re applying. 
  • Continue applying the tape to all of the extension pieces and begin applying after all are complete, OR you can apply each piece one by one after re-tabbing it. 
  • When ready to apply, remove the paper liner from the re-tabbed extension and apply it to the hair. 
  • For a more secure application, use hair extension pliers to seal the hair extension with tape

When removing hair extension tape, use a remover solvent (we recommend using three removers to remove all adhesives thoroughly!).   

Use The Best Products for Tape-In Hair Extensions 

You must decide whether you need single or double-sided hair extension tape when using a hair extension with tape. Choose single-sided hair extension tape for thin or fragile hair and double-sided hair extension tape for regular or thick hair types. To ensure you have hair extensions that last and look healthy and strong, stick with Big Kizzy! 

Shop all of the best products for your hair extensions to keep them looking fresh and fab!