Is Cold Water Better for Your Hair?

Is Cold Water Better for Your Hair?

When it’s time to wash your hair, you might wonder, is hot water bad for your hair? We all love a hot shower after a long day or to help us wake up in the morning (are you team night or morning shower?) It might feel really nice to turn up the heat in the shower, but is hot water bad for your hair? And if it is, is cold water good for hair? If you’re not sure what temperature is best for your tresses, we’ve got you covered. 

If there’s one thing we know best at Big Kizzy Hair, it’s haircare! We’re ready to address all of your questions about cold water for hair and figure out the answer to is hot water good for your hair. Whether you’re rocking your natural strands or wearing extensions, we’ve got our haircare product recommendations and tips for hair washing temps ahead. Grab your shampoo—we’re about to freshen things up!  

Cold Water Benefits for Hair 

Before you turn the tap to cooler temps, let’s get into the specifics of cold water and hair. But first, let’s bust the rinsing hair with cold water myth that says it makes your hair grow faster. This simply isn’t true (but you know what does help your hair grow fast? Hair extensions!) There’s no solid research that shows cold water for hair makes it grow any faster—and any temperature, for that matter!  

If the thought of a cold shower makes you shiver at the thought, you might change your mind after learning about these cold water benefits for hair!  

Preserves Your Hair’s Natural Oils    

How does cold water help your hair? By ensuring your natural oils stay put after you wash it! Hot water will dissolve your strands’ natural oils, leaving them dry and dehydrated. Cold water for hair preserves these natural oils to keep your hair manageable and healthy. These oils help give your locks extra moisture and shine for smooth tresses. If your hair needs an extra boost of nourishing oil, try Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil to restore your dry strands. 

Helps to Seal Hair Cuticles   

Cold water and hair work in harmony to help close your hair cuticles for shine and smoothness. When your cuticles are sealed by cold water, it helps to maintain the hair’s natural oils and moisture. The result? Hydrated strands that banish dryness, breakage, or split ends. If your hair is in need of a gentle shampoo to restore your strands, wash your tresses with Chemical Love Affair Shampoo and see the difference! This shampoo helps to soften your locks and keep moisture within the hair shaft.   

Closes the Pores of Your Scalp  

The cold water benefits for hair go beyond your strands and help your scalp too! Using cold water on your hair also closes the pores on your scalp. This means a cleaner scalp that’s less prone to grease, oil, and dirt buildup. Closed pores retain moisture, which can alleviate dandruff due to dry scalp and irritation. Grab a bottle of FATT Thickening Shampoo fortified with vitamins that nourish and strengthen your tresses. Ensure your hair follicles receive essential nutrients instead of accumulating sweat and other irritants in open pores!   

Controls Breakage and Frizz  

Is hot water bad for your hair? If you like breakage and frizz, hot water will be your go-to (we’re going to assume this is NOT the case!) Heat causes hair cuticles to open and lift, leading to frayed follicles. Washing your hair with cold water helps to control any breakage and flyaways. Since the cold water helps to flatten the cuticles, you’ll notice sleeker strands. Say goodbye to frizz with Split Personality repair sealer treatment! Apply this serum after you shampoo your strands for added strength and to repair split ends.   

Improves Blood Circulation in Scalp  

When cold water and hair meet, it causes the blood vessels in your scalp to increase blood flow. By improving the blood circulation in your roots and scalp, it keeps your hair in optimal condition to absorb vital nutrients. The results? Hydrated strands and a healthy scalp! Keep the fabulous hair days coming with Thick Chick Volumizing Foam to nourish your hair from root to tip! 

Cold Water and Hair Equals Healthy Strands 

How is cold water good for your hair? Let us count the ways! Cold water benefits for hair include preserving your hair’s natural oils, sealing cuticles, closing pores, controlling frizz, and improving blood circulation. Is hot water bad for your hair? Since hot water can be harsh on your strands, stick with lukewarm water for your shower, then use cold water to rinse your hair (if an entirely cold shower isn’t for you!) Embrace cold water for hair and see the difference. And don’t forget to stock up on all of your haircare essentials with Big Kizzy Hair!