Top 10 Hair Extension Products You Need in Your Bathroom

Top 10 Hair Extension Products You Need in Your Bathroom

Gorgeous hair doesn’t just happen! There’s a lot more that goes into the upkeep and maintenance of your hair—especially for hair extensions (like tape-in hair extensions.) For bouncy and full locks, you’ll need the best hair products for extensions! As you wash, condition, and style your hair, certain hair extension care products will work better than others. The first step is to find the best products for hair extensions (and the best products to use on human hair extensions if yours are 100% Remy). 

How do you know which hair extension products to choose? Our hair extension experts at Big Kizzy will walk you through the process! We’ll go over the ultimate hair extension routine while recommending our top 10 picks for flawless tresses. Here’s to only fabulous hair from now on!  

The Best Products for Hair Extensions 

Stock up your bathroom with everything you need to take care of your hair extensions. Having a range of hair extension products on hand will ensure you never have a bad hair day again! Your hair extension routine includes washing, conditioning, and styling. Let’s get into the specifics of what products will help you through each part of your hair routine!  

Refresh Your Hair Extensions  

First things first, dirty hair is not a good look for anyone! Especially when you’re wearing hair extensions, you need to keep that build-up, dirt, oil, and sweat at bay. While you should aim to wash your hair with extensions only two to three times a week, the products you use matter! 

Recommended products for cleansing your hair

  • Chemical Love Affair Shampoo – For hair that’s been bleached, highlighted, colored, or keratin-treated, this shampoo is for you! Its gentle formula will soothe and condition your hair and scalp.  
  • FATT Thickening Shampoo – If your hair is thin or fine, add mega volume with this shampoo! Get a fuller and thicker look powered by biotin and pro-vitamins.  

Hydrate Your Hair Extensions  

Next up in your hair care routine is a very important step: conditioning! Since hair extensions aren’t getting the same oils from your scalp that your natural hair does, adding extra moisture is crucial. The last thing you want are frizzy, dried-out hair extensions that look damaged and distressed. Prevent damaged and brittle hair extensions by having hydrating conditioners ready to go!  

Recommended products for conditioning your hair 

  • Chemical Love Affair Deep Conditioner – Replenish moisture into your strands with this keratin-infused conditioner! It works wonders for reducing breakage and preventing frizz.   
  • FATT Thickening Conditioner – Give thin or fine hair a boost of volume with this restorative conditioner. Add plenty of shine and moisture for healthy locks.  
  • Happy Hour Dry Conditioner – For those non-wash days, keep your tresses hydrated to prevent dry and thirsty hair.  

Style Your Hair Extensions  

Once your hair is washed and conditioned, it’s time to style your strands! Now, everyone has different hair needs, so find the product that best suits you. Think about this step as an added layer of protection as you add the finishing touch to your hair care routine. Styling hair extension products help make your hair more manageable, shiny, and strong for tresses you can’t get enough of!  

Recommended products for styling your hair

  • Split Personality Split End and Frizz Serum – Seal split ends, ban frizz, and protect your hair from UV rays with this powerful serum. The Keratin-infused formula helps to repair and reduce any breakage.  
  • Thick Chick Volumizing Foam – Thicken your strands while promoting a healthier scalp and stronger hair. Your tresses will have the right amount of moment, lift, and all-over volume.   
  • Thairapy™ Deep Conditioning Oil – Repair dry, thirsty, and damaged hair by moisturizing from the inside out. Prevent breakage, split ends, and frizz with this 100% natural hair oil.  
  • Fashion Week Flexible Hold Spray – Use this hairspray to create texture or all-day hold on your finished styles. Feel free to rework your hair as needed without worrying about sticky or stiff strands.   

Hair Extension Care Products for Stunning Strands 

If you’re investing in hair extensions, you want to protect your investment, right? That’s why having the best hair products for extensions is important! From washing and conditioning to styling, stock up on the products you need for your maintenance routine. When you take proper care of your hair extensions, you can expect them to last much longer (and look better, too!).  

Find all of the best products for hair extensions with Big Kizzy! We carry the top hair extension essentials like hair tape, removers, and more. If you have any questions about our products, send us a message, and our hair experts will get back to you ASAP.