Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Looking to revive your tresses with fullness? Hair extensions for thin hair help bring that thickness back to your locks. Hair extensions for thin hair on top focus more on adding fullness to the crown of your head. Giving yourself that boost of confidence is possible with hair extensions for thinning hair! 

Whether your hair is thin or thinning, you may notice it isn’t as full and thick as you want it to be. Thin refers to the density of your hair—the number of strands in any area of your scalp. Some people have naturally thin hair, and others may start to notice their hair thinning. When your hair is thinning, the hair follicles become smaller, and the hair density decreases (aka less voluminous hair).  

Before you start looking at types of hair extensions for thin hair, there are some things you’ll need to consider. First, let’s take a look at signs you might need hair extensions for thinning hair and how to prevent it from getting thinner. Then we’ll give you tips from our hair extension experts at Big Kizzy Hair for applying hair extensions for thin hair. Let’s pump up the volume!  

Look for These Signs of Thinning Hair 

Does your hair seem thin? The most common area to notice hair thinning is at the crown of your head (hair extensions for thin hair on top can help!) Other parts of your scalp might seem less dense, with not as many strands of hair in specific areas.  

Some other signs of thinning hair are:  

  • The part in your hair is widening  
  • More skin exposed on the scalp  
  • Thinner ponytail when pulling hair back 
  • Hair looks flat and doesn’t hold a style as well 
  • Excessive hair shedding on your pillow, brush, or in the drain  

If you notice any of these signs of thinning hair, there are ways to help prevent it from getting worse (if it isn’t caused by circumstances related to genetics or medical conditions.) 

Ways to Prevent Hair from Thinning 

While hair thinning can be completely out of your control, there are some lifestyle factors that could be contributing to the issue. There are simple tweaks you can make that can help improve your hair’s overall health and prevent hair thinning. 

Here’s how:  

  • Use hair products without harsh sulfates that are gentle on your strands 
  • Avoid pulling your hair back in tight hairstyles that tug at your roots 
  • Take a break from coloring your hair or chemical treatments 
  • Lower your stress levels through relaxation techniques and exercise 
  • Increase your intake of iron, folic acid, and biotin for hair health 

While making these lifestyle changes can help, hair extensions for thin hair will get your hair looking and feeling its best!   

Tips for Using Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair 

Now, if you’re ready to get your hair extensions, you might wonder where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got your expert tips! First off, skip the clip on hair extensions for thin hair, they’ll be a bit too heavy for your locks. It’s better to opt for tape in hair extensions for thin hair for a more lightweight custom application. You can also use a volumizing foam to help add more thickness to fine or thin hair

These tips and tricks will help you get the best results with hair extensions for thin hair:  

Use Single-Sided Hair Tape  

When applying tape in hair extensions for thin hair, Extra Hold Single Sided Tape will be your new favorite! This tape is designed for super thin or fine hair. Using single-sided tapes allows your stylist to give you the right amount of density without weighing your delicate hair down. Less is more with hair extensions for thin hair

Reapply with Double-Sided Tape 

When reapplying your tape in hair extensions for thin hair, you’ll also need Regular Hold Double Tape Tabs (and remover solutions to remove the hair tape–here’s why we recommend using our 3 Step Remover System!) Each tape-in extension piece will need the double-sided tape, and then they’ll be paired with the single-sided tape. This allows for ease of reapplication for your stylist as they choose the amount of tape ins needed for your hair.  

Apply Fewer Wefts  

For thinning hair, you might think you need to use all of the hair that comes in a pack of extensions. Using too many wefts can be heavy and difficult to conceal when your hair is thin. With less hair density, blending in more wefts in your hair is more challenging. Your stylist will determine how many wefts work best for you.   

Once your hair extensions for thin hair are applied, stock up on the best products to maintain them! Big Kizzy Hair has all of your extension haircare essentials for healthy and long-lasting hair.