The Best Hair Tape for Hotheads Extensions

The Best Hair Tape for Hotheads Extensions

erEmbrace the power of hair extensions for long and voluminous strands. Whether you have a big event coming up (maybe a wedding or a birthday) or you want an overall upgraded look, hair extensions will be your best friend! What’s not to love? You can go from short and thin tresses to lengthy and thick with a fresh set of extensions.  

We may or may not be slightly obsessed with hair extensions over at Big Kizzy HQ (we definitely are!). One of the best brands out there for hair extensions is Hotheads extensions. We specifically love their Hotheads tape in extensions collection, which pairs perfectly with our hair extension tape

If you’ve never tried Hotheads hair extensions, we have all of the information you need right here! We’ll give you an overview of the brand and the specifics about their extensions. Then, we’ll get into a bit more detail about Hotheads tape in hair extensions and how to use our tape with them. Sound good? Let’s get into it!  

Everything You Need to Know About Hotheads Hair Extensions 

Hotheads extensions had one mission in mind from the start: to make hair extensions less expensive, time-consuming, and damaging. They started out by changing the game with their Hotheads tape in extensions and expanding their collection from there with various methods. All Hotheads hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair to ensure the best quality hair possible. 

As you shop for your new set of Hotheads extensions, take a look at the lengths and colors they have available. If you want a more subtle look or extra-long volume, they have lengths that range from 12” all the way to 30.” With over 50 shades in categories such as natural, balayage, and rooted, you’re sure to find a flawless color match.   

Should I Use Hotheads Tape In Extensions? 

When choosing a style of Hotheads extensions, our number one choice is always going to be Hotheads tape in hair extensions. That’s what they built their business on, and it’s one of the most popular hair extension methods in the industry. They have four different styles for their tape-ins: LUSH Tape-Ins, Tape-In Originals, Tape-in Ultimates, and Tape-In Micro Strands. So have a look at each style and see which is right for your needs.  

Since Hotheads extensions are made of 100% Remy hair, you can expect them to last from six to twelve months before they need to be replaced. When you need to replace your Hotheads tape in extensions depends on the tape you use and your maintenance routine. Using a combination of gentle hair care products and professional-level hair tape (like ours at Big Kizzy!) will help extend the life of your Hotheads tape in hair extensions. The best Hotheads hair extension tape is high-quality and non-damaging—more on this ahead!    

What’s The Best Hotheads Hair Extension Tape? 

If you’re searching for the best Hotheads hair extension tape, Big Kizzy has all of the hair extension tape you’ll need! Our tape is unmatched in quality and is compatible with Hotheads extensions (and the majority of brands!). We have a few different styles and holds for our hair tape, so take a look and see which one is right for you. 

  • Extra Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs If your hair is on the thicker side, having this extra hold tape will provide the strength you need! These tabs have more adhesive to accommodate hair that’s larger in diameter or quantity. Our extra hold tape can last 8+ weeks before reapplication. 
  • Extra Hold Single-Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs – If your hair type is thin or fine, our single-sided tape will be your go-to choice! This tape is designed for using fewer hair extensions wefts, which equals less weight on those delicate tresses.  
  • Regular Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs – If your hair is normal to thin, this tape will work best for you! Our regular hold has the perfect combination of strength and durability. You can expect this hair tape to last for 5+ weeks.   

When it’s time to remove your Hotheads tape in extensions (anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks), you’ll need to use hair extension remover solvent to remove them and get the extra residue out. You can reuse your extensions two to three times before you’ll need to order a new set of Hotheads tape in hair extensions to replace them.   

Keep Your Hotheads Hair Extensions Looking Their Best 

For long-lasting Hotheads tape in extensions that look and feel their best, you need the right products to maintain, apply, and remove them. At Big Kizzy, we specialize in hair tape, removers, tools, and extension-friendly hair care products. Stock up on all of the essentials in one place! If you have any questions about using our hair extension tape with your Hotheads extensions, send us a message, and we’ll be happy to help!