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Volume, Texture and Beautiful Hair with Fashion Week Hairspray

Volume, Texture and Beautiful Frizz Free Hair

Hey there Kizzys! In case you didn't know, hairspray has come a long way since the good ole days of grandma's favorite hairspray. You know-the kind of hairspray, where Granny sprayed one squirt and her hair was closer to GOD and not moving for days...

Loose texture and Beachy Waves have been around for a minute and quite honestly I look at it as a "trend" that's actually become a Classic, meaning it's here to stay.

So it's pretty reasonable to say that you would really want a hairspray that was up to the task of being able to multi- task and navigate several different ways of styling.

Versatile, in that it's undetectable and natural BUT can also extend your blowout for several days, withstand a night of dancing (pre and post covid obviously) and have the ability to hold updo's even in the toughest of times-HUMIDITY.

All of the above, well minus granny's old hairspray, is Fashion Week Hairspray Kizzys. I like to think of Fashion Week as a flexible hold hairspray, keeps those pesky flyaways in place, gives long lasting hold and gorgeous shine.

The Difference Between "Strong Hold and Flexible Hold."

Fashion Week leaves your hair "workable" meaning you can brush out your hairdo and re-do your hairstyle. Often with "strong hold" formulations you often get stuck with heavy sticky residue.

A few reasons why I LOVE Fashion Week

  1. Fashion Week works on all hairtypes because it's a build able hairspray. 
  2.  You can use Fashion Week before, during or after styling, without any sticky residue.
  3. Fashion Week also fights humidity, flyaways and it's weightless. 

Going Old School with my Fashion Week- I decided to use Fashion Week with a Traditional Roller Set (Check out my video).

  1. Start with clean damp hair. For a little extra UMMMPFF (volume) add some Thick Chick Volumizing Mousse from root to ends. 
  2. Next grab your rollers and start rolling. I like to section my hair into 3 main parts. From which I divide smaller sections. Before I roll each section I'll spray each section with a light mist of Fashion Week.
  3. If I'm in a hurry... I'll take my blow dryer to speed up the dry time. BUT it's important to let the hair cool. PRO TIP- Spray Fashion Week again before drying the hair. Next let the hair cool before removal. 
  4. Gently grab your rollers and softly pull the roller from the root. Once all removers are taken out, flip your head over run your hands through your curls. 
  5. Perfect your curls with a little Fashion Week and Wa-lahhhhhhh you're ready to Slay the proverbial Runway...

Oh and one last thing if you want to know more about the inspiration behind Fashion Week -check out my BFF and owner Chris' blog. You wont be disappointed.

See ya on the Flip side Kizzys!