Deep Conditioning: Brazilian Blowout vs. a Keratin Treatment

Deep Conditioning: Brazilian Blowout vs. a Keratin Treatment

A deep conditioning treatment can nourish and revive your strands that need some TLC. You’ll notice various names for similar treatments when you visit the salon. You might wonder the difference between deep conditioning treatments like a Brazilian blowout vs. a keratin treatment. Our hair experts at Big Kizzy are here to help you learn which is which so there’s no confusion when you head to the salon. 

First, we’ll take a look at the two most common deep conditioning treatments. Then, we’ve got your list of the best products you can use at home to refresh your tresses. It’s all smooth hair from here on out!  

What Is a Brazilian Blowout vs. a Keratin Treatment? 

You might think these deep conditioning treatments are the same, but they differ slightly in the final result! Keratin treatments use a deep conditioner formulated for a super straight final look. With the Brazilian Blowout, it’s less straight and provides options for different hair textures. Both are semi-permanent protein treatments that smooth out the hair. A Brazilian blowout is more customizable in that you can ask your stylist to maintain some of your hair’s natural curl.   

Can You Use Keratin Treatment Conditioners on Hair Extensions? 

While you can have human hair extensions with deep conditioning treatments, ensure the keratin treatment conditioners don’t get onto the tape adhesives. The chemicals in the Brazilian and keratin treatments can damage the longevity of the tape. This applies to all of our hair extension tape, including our classics such as Regular Hold Double Sided Tape, Single Sided Extra Hold Tape, and Double Sided Extra Hold Tape.  

Alternatives to Keratin Treatment Conditioners at Home 

Whether you’re more of a DIY hair guru who wants to deep condition at home or looking for safe keratin treatment conditioners after your treatment—we’ve got you covered! These products are keratin, extension, and color safe, so you know you’re getting that flawless finish every time. When your hair is in need of a moisture-rich pick-me-up, turn to these haircare essentials!  

To Add Volume and Fullness to Your Locks  

When it’s wash day for your hair, turn to FATT Conditioner for a full and thick treatment at home. Infuse your strands with potent hair vitamins such as Biotin and Pro-Vitamin B5 that nourish and strengthen your tresses. This formula contains 11 amino acids to repair and condition the hair shaft.  

How To Use: After shampooing your hair, work in the conditioner, being careful to avoid hair extension attachments if you have them in. Leave in for one to five minutes before rinsing.   

To Repair Dry and Damaged Strands  

For a keratin-infused conditioner that deep conditions damaged hair, Chemical Love Affair Conditioner will be your new go-to! Safe to use daily, this deep conditioning treatment will help to restore moisture, reduce breakage, and extend the life of your color and keratin treatments. The combination of keratin, hydrolyzed soy, and wheat proteins offers strengthening and repairing power for your locks.  

How To Use: After shampooing your hair, apply the conditioner mid-shaft down. Leave in for one to two minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly.   

To Restore and Hydrate Frizzy Hair  

In need of a boost? Thairapy Hair Oil was created to supplement your regular conditioner (works best with our Chemical Love Affair Conditioner) to give your hair that extra layer of hydration. This deep-conditioning oil moisturizes your strands from the inside out with all-natural ingredients such as marula, argan, and coconut oil. When your hair feels dry and overprocessed, bring it back to life for frizz-free tresses. Pro tip: You can also use this as a heat protectant!  

How To Use: Mix in the recommended amount of drops into your conditioner and leave in hair for at least five to ten minutes (up to 30 minutes if extra damaged!) 

To Refresh and Smooth Tresses  

When you’re in between wash days, Happy Hour dry conditioner will help quench your hair’s thirst! Smooth out dry ends and rough textures in your tresses with a few sprays from this conditioning mist. Extend the life of your extensions, color, and keratin treatments by using this product when reducing shampoo frequency.  

How To Use: Spray about two to three bursts from the mid-part of your hair down. Brush in the product to evenly distribute it, being careful not to touch hair extension attachment points.  

Smooth and Sleek Strands for Days 

Whether you choose to go with a Brazilian blowout vs. a keratin treatment, either one will give you shiny and soft results. Think about the texture of your hair if you want super straight hair or slightly wavy from the keratin treatment conditioners. Whatever you decide, ensure you’re doing your own deep conditioning at home for healthy and hydrated locks. Visit our website to shop all of our Big Kizzy Hair deep conditioning products and haircare essentials!