A Few of My Favorite Hair Products for Frizz - Thairapy Booster Oil + Split Personality

A Few of My Favorite Hair Products for Frizz - Thairapy Booster Oil + Split Personality

Thairapy Booster Oil For Thin Fine Hair

In case we haven’t met I’m Jen and I work at Big Kizzy and I’m part of a special tribe that includes 40 million women who suffer from fine hair.  Like most girls who suffer from fine hair  I’ve always craved beautiful thick wavy hair that’s ready for the beach at any given moment. But the reality is my genetic gene pool, AKA Hair Gods, gave me the direct opposite of my wishes.

My hair is fine and is frizzy enough to be slightly annoying – like having fine hair wasn’t enough but a  girl’s gotta work what she was given and I’m no different.

My thin hair tribe has got to be super careful about using ANYTHING with oil in it. Too much and the next thing you know, you look like you had a date with a baby oil bottle and you look like a total greaser and not in cool hipster/rock way; More like you’re ready to get on the slip and slide and slide off into the sunset never to be seen again.

No one wants greasy hair but the reality is that, oil is vital to ensuring that your hair looks and feels hydrated regardless of your hair type.

Yes, even thin fine hair needs oil but more importantly it needs the right type of oil and what I mean by that, is an oil that doesn’t have tons of fillers or silicones.

One of the main reasons I’m sooo in love with our Thairapy Booster Oil is because it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

 Here’s a few other reasons why I’m obsessed:

  1. Thairapy is 4 ingredients. That’s it. No cheap or expensive un-needed fillers or silicones. Do you know what happens when you keep putting silicone on your hair? It weighs the hair down and can lead to buildup.
  2. Thairapy can be used by itself or added to your favorite conditioner. I like to add mine to the Chemical Love Affair Conditioner
  3. I even put it in my skincare! I add a few drops to my body lotion to get that extra touch of moisture, especially with all the hand washing I’m doing.
  4. It smells delicious! You know when you were in your early 20’s and had your first crush and that special someone  got close to you and they smelled so amazing.  Remember when you felt that sexy longing whenever you caught a whiff of that smell on your pillow from that special someone? It’s that.. Hints of Bergamot, Black currant and Citrus with a dash of lavender. Fresh, sensual and sexy.

Five Steps to Frizz Free Natural Waves

  1. Start with clean damp hair.  First, I will  brush through my  hair with my fave detangling brush. THIS IS A MUST.  
  2. Next I mix a quarter size of the Split Personality and 3 pumps of the Thairapy Oil into the palm of my hand. 
  3. Apply this killer wave concoction from mid to ends.
  4. Now its time to create "twirlies."  I like to take smaller sections of my hair throughout my head and twirl them with my finger tightly and let  them sit. Or if you want a more polished look you can use a diffuser to enhance the curl pattern in your hair. 
  5. Now whip your hair back and forth and use our Fashion Week Hair Spray to add a little extra longevity to your beautiful wavy locks. Spray and scrunch.

Most days I don't use our Fashion Week Hair Spray. I find that the combo of Split Personality and Thairapy provides enough hold for my hair. BUT on super humid days most definitely use a little Fashion Week... 

 See ya on The Flip Side Kizzys.