How to break from extensions and still look fab

How to Give Your Hair a Break After Hair Extension Removal

Oh the dilemma, should I go ahead and reapply my tape-in hair extensions or feel naked without them? This is a very valid question that a lot of people come across. 
I recently removed my good friend’s tape in extensions and felt the need to take a break (I used Big Kizzy's Remover 1 and 2, it was SO easy). However, her feelings of feeling naked and hairless without them made her question how can she go on with her life and still feel like she has hair? This is where choosing the right products for you can play a huge role when it comes to thin and fragile hair.
Yep, unfortunately there is no replacement for hair extensions; let’s get real. But you can totally make it work with the perfect fit for your haircare needs and to fill the extension gap, if you will. After I removed her extensions and talking about it, she decided to take a break. Her hair is super straight and fragile and her hair is very thin; and on top of that, she has thyroid problems. A lot of hair issues all in one and combined. After her tape in extension removal, I gave her samples of our F.A.T.T Shampoo and Conditioner line (and F.A.T.T stands for Full And Thickening Treatment) and the Split Personality Keratin Serum and she went home. I also have her some Thairapy Booster Oil to help reinvigorate her damaged hair.
As it turns out, after being skeptical about our products; she texted me days after feeling very optimistic and happy that she used the products and blew dry her hair and quote “I love these products. Using them together is really amping up my hair! Like last night after drying my hair, I had serious 80’s Pete Burns vibes. I LOVE IT!”  This text made not only my day but reassured me these are THE products for hair thinning!
So ladies and gents, while you cant replace the length and volume og the hair extensions, you CAN take a break from hair extensions without feeling miserable and naked without them! By using Big Kizzy Hair Extension Haircare, you can quickly refresh you hair after hair extensions.
We are committed to creating solutions for your hair problems and its more than a sales pitch. As my dear friend Kara, join us on this journey of taking care your hair. We are hair for you!


Laura Elizabeth