The Best Products for Hair Extensions: A Big Kizzy Guide

The Best Products for Hair Extensions: A Big Kizzy Guide

After years in the hair extension industry, we’ve perfected our products for hair extensions. Whether you’re applying, removing, maintaining, or styling your hair extensions, you’ll find a range of the best hair products for hair extensions with Big Kizzy. Ready to get started? We’re giving you the ultimate list of all of our best products for hair care and extensions! 

Here’s our guide with the best hair care products for hair extensions:  

Hair Extension Tape 

When it comes to products for hair extensions, hair extension tape is one of the most crucial parts of the process. You need a tape that sticks and holds up in your hair without causing damage to your natural strands. Our tape is the standard size that fits most extension brands. Find out why Big Kizzy has the best hair products for hair extensions, starting with our signature hair tapes! 

These are our top three hair extension tapes for a flawless application: 

Hair Extension Remover Solvent 

If you’re ready to remove your tape-in hair extensions, we have a three-step process to leave your hair residue-free and refreshed. We’ll show you exactly why three removers are better than one (each one serves a unique and specific purpose in removing hair extensions!).  

Here are the three solvents you need to add to your removal process:  

  • Remover 1: Tape In Extension Remover – This remover is the first step to dissolve adhesives when removing tape-in hair extensions. It’s oil-free and infused with an invigorating spa scent for a pleasant removal process.  
  • Remover 2: Tape In Residue Remover – When you remove your hair extensions and see residue left behind, reach for the second step in the removal solvent lineup!  Sometimes, a little extra help goes a long way while also nourishing the hair with relaxing hints of jasmine, gardenia, and fresh mint.
  • Remover 3: Stubborn Tape In Residue Remover – If you’ve tried it all and have stubborn stickiness after removing tape-in hair extensions, this remover will be your saving grace! This formula is designed to get out the tough residue and condition the hair at the same time.  

Extension Hair Care and Tools 

For the best products for hair care in the biz, look no further because we’ve got you covered! From shampoo and conditioner to frizz serum and hair oil, your hair will look and feel amazing. Get your haircare routine in order for your hair extensions with the best hair products for hair extensions

Add these items to your list of ridiculously good products for hair

Stock up on the best hair products for hair extensions with Big Kizzy! Have any questions about any of our products? You can contact us here, we’ll be happy to help!