The Ultimate Guide to Hair Extensions Glue Remover

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Extensions Glue Remover

When it comes time to remove hair extensions, you’ll need a hair extensions glue remover that gets the job done! Whether you’re a professional stylist or want to remove your tape-in extensions at home (we always recommend making an appointment with a hair extension pro at a salon for application and removal), go for the best hair extension glue remover available!  

At Big Kizzy Hair, we know hair extensions! When sticky residue is left behind, that’s one of the most frustrating parts of the process. Luckily, we created a solution (or three!) to help dissolve that tough residue left behind. We’ll introduce our remover collection ahead, explain when to use each, and go over how often do hair extensions need to be replaced. Let’s get rid of that sticky residue efficiently every time!  

What Is the Best Hair Extension Glue Remover? 

Stylists and DIY hair gurus alike swear by our trio of remover solvents to remove hair extensions! When your hair is stuck in a sticky situation, having the right hair extensions glue remover is essential. We offer a variety of removers, comparable to every hair extension brand you ever heard of, but we are best known for our 3 Step Remover System. Why three removers you ask? This video explains exactly why three removers are better than one to understand how each works:

Now, onto the best hair extension glue removers for each step of the removal process!  

Remover 1: Tape Remover  

Start with our alcohol-based Remover 1 to remove the tape in hair extensions. This is the first step to neutralize the adhesive of tape-in hair extensions. This remover is oil-free, leaving the hair as it was before applying the extensions—no oily residue left behind! Expect a clean removal that’s infused with a refreshing spa scent. Remover 1 can also be used as a quick-fix option to correct any mistakes when applying the tape-in extensions.  

Remover 2: Residue Remover

If you remove hair extensions and notice sticky residue left behind in the hair, Remover 2 will be your next line of defense! This remover is infused with jojoba, safflower, and vitamin E oils to nourish the hair as it dissolves any leftover residue. Remover 2 should be used after using Remover 1 for difficult to remove hair extensions that need a little extra help. For supremely sticky residue that won’t budge, move on to the next remover as a final step!   

Remover 3: Conditioning Remover 

Time to bring out the secret weapon! When you’ve tried it all and still find residue in the hair, Remover 3 is here to the rescue. Even the strongest hold best glue for hair extensions is no match for this remover. Whether you need to dissolve extra hold tape or liquid glue, Remover 3 will get that stubborn residue out (especially useful for extension applications over eight weeks old). Not only does our formula remove heavy tape residue, but it also conditions the hair! Recondition stressed-out strands by strengthening and soothing those frazzled tresses.  

Other Removers:

As we mentioned, we have plenty of other removers comparable to almost any other brand of hair extension remover out there. If you are looking for it, we have got it. You can check out our Remover Solvent Collection to see all the different types of removers we offer, as well as their comparable brands:

How Often Do Hair Extensions Need To Be Replaced? 

Equipped with the best hair extensions glue remover collection, think about how often you’ll be removing hair extensions for your clients (or yourself for those at-home DIY stylists). This will help gauge when you’ll need to reach for those products to remove hair extensions. Leaving the hair extensions in for too long leads to a higher risk of tangling and matting of the hair above the extension attachment. It also makes it more challenging to remove the hair adhesives (which is where Remover 3 has its moment to shine!) 

For tape-in extensions, it’s recommended to remove hair extensions and reapply them every four to six weeks, with the maximum time being eight weeks. This timeframe all depends on the quality of the hair extensions and how fast the natural hair grows. The hair extensions can then be reused two to three times with the best glue for hair extensions. This gives a total wear time of three to six months before replacing the hair extensions completely. For a pro tip, after you’ve finished using your hair extensions with tape, use Snap Clips to convert them into easy-to-apply clip-in extensions.   

Remove Hair Extensions with No Residue Left Behind 

Having the right hair extensions glue remover makes everyone’s life easier (stylist and client!) That’s why BIG KIZZY wanted to create remover solutions for each step of the removal process. Our mission is to keep up with the unique hair needs of today’s modern women. We offer haircare and hair extension products that are tailored to your hair’s ever-changing needs. See for yourself and explore all of our high-quality BIG KIZZY products!