How Many Tape In Extensions Do I Need?

How Many Tape In Extensions Do I Need?

Get ready to slay your strands with hair extensions! Are you thinking about getting tape in-extensions? (at Big Kizzy, we know ALL things hair extensions!). You might wonder how many tape in extensions for full head coverage you’ll need. This all depends on how long or short your hair is and if it’s thin, fine, coarse, or thick. What are your hair goals? Is it to add volume or extra-long length? When you determine what look you want, that’s where the hair magic happens! 

There are various hair extension sizes and lengths to choose from when deciding on a final look. It’s best to also consider hair extension weight when finding the right hair extensions for you. Let’s get into the details to answer common questions like “How many pieces of hair extensions come in a pack?” and “How many pack of Remy hair do I need?” First, we’ll cover the basics about tape-in extensions. Glow up your locks one weft at a time!  

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions? 

Tape-in hair extensions use single-sided tape or double-sided tape (or a combination of the two) applied to each hair extension weft. These wefts stick into the hair shaft using the tape tabs and are secured with a special sealing tool. For best results, it’s recommended that a professional stylist applies your tape-in hair extensions.  

This way, you can ensure the extensions are applied correctly. This helps to avoid damage from incorrect application and get that perfectly blended look! Once you’re ready to remove your hair extensions, your stylist will use remover solutions to dissolve the adhesives. Then, you can have your tape-in extensions reapplied, usually up to three times with the same set.   

How Many Hair Extension Sizes Are There? 

Before you figure out how many tape in extensions for full head you’ll need, decide on a length! Hair extension sizes generally come in 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”. This all depends on the brand you buy from, with various lengths for their tape-in hair extensions.  The most popular hair extension sizes are in the 18”- 22” length range for long locks and pumped-up volume. Still not sure which length is right for you? The 12” length sits at your shoulders, 14” at your upper back, 16” at your bra strap, 18” at your shoulder blades, 20”- 22” at your mid back, and 24” at your lower back.   

Which Hair Extension Weight Should I Choose? 

When you ask yourself, “How many tape in extensions do I need?” first consider hair extension weight options. Hair extensions are weighed in grams, ranging from 50 g to 200 g. With 50 g of hair extensions, which equals about a quarter head of extensions, you can add some extra thickness to your hair. In the 100 g to 150 g category, this is about a half head of hair to add thickness and length to medium to fine hair. For thick hair, go with the 200g option to ensure full coverage.   

How to Decide How Many Tape-In Extensions You Need

Now that you’ve got all the basics and essential information, it’s time to purchase your tape-in hair extensions. If you’re wondering, “How many tape in extensions do I need?” we’ll help you decide! On average, it takes 30 to 40 pieces of tape-in extension wefts for full head coverage. It’s recommended to start with 40, that way, you’ll have extra if it ends up needing less. You can order 10-20 pieces if you want to add extra volume as needed. For those with thicker hair, you might need 60 to 80 pieces, so plan accordingly when ordering. Always consult your hair stylist to get an accurate estimate of how many tape-in extensions you’ll need!  

Maintain Your New Hair Extensions with a Haircare Routine  

After you’ve discovered the answer to “How many tape in extensions do I need?” make an appointment at the hair salon to have them applied. Ensure that you keep up with taking proper care of your hair extensions so they’ll stay looking fabulous! That means using shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for hair extensions. And using styling products to keep them properly hydrated, like a hair conditioning oil and conditioner smoothing mist.  

If you’ve reapplied your tape-in extensions a few times, stop throwing them away afterward! When you can’t use the tape adhesives any longer, try a clip-in solution. Kizzy Clips are used to convert tape-in extensions into easy clip-ins. Get more use out of your hair with a DIY solution (no sewing required!). 

Boost your hair confidence with long and voluminous tresses from hair extensions. Proper application and maintenance will keep your tape-in extensions long-lasting and healthy. Big Kizzy has all of the hair extension essentials you need. Here’s to only good hair days ahead!