Winter Hair Survival Guide - How to Fix Dry Hair in the Winter

Winter Hair Survival Guide - How to Fix Dry Hair in the Winter

Did you know that winter can wreak havoc on your hair? Cold weather combined with dry indoor heat can really do a number on how your hair looks and feels. But don't worry Kizzys we got you covered, just keep reading as we share some winter hair hacks to keep your hair healthy, shiny and looking flawless.

Winter Hair Tip # 1 Use A Moisturizing Shampoo

 Now I know some of my extension wearers are weary of moisturizing shampoos because they can make your extensions slip. However, our Chemical Love Affair Shampoo eliminates daily build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils and it will NOT cause your hair extensions to slip. Our CLA shampoo also has rice protein which strengthens, detangles, enhances shine, and softens your hair! Did we mention no parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride?!

Winter Hair Tip #2 Can’t Go Wrong With A Hair Masque

When hair loses its moisture it loses its ability to reflect light.  Next up is our Chemical Love Affair Conditioning Treatment. This keratin infused treatment was designed as a daily conditioner for extensions OR as a deep conditioning masque for your own natural hair.  Our unique blend of proteins and Keratin help to control frizz, restore moisture, reduce breakage and extend the life of human hair extensions, color and keratin treatments. Use once a week for your own natural hair and apply mid to ends. Leave on for 1-2 minutes for finer hair and 3-5 for thicker hair types. 

Winter Hair Tip #3 Turn The Water Temperature Down

I know probably the idea of cold water in the winter months is enough to send some shivers down your spine, but your hair will thank you for it. Hot water can definitely strip your hair of its natural oils which affects the appearance and health of your hair.  Hair will typically look duller and feel drier. So a quick tip, where your hair up while you shower in hotter water and then when you're ready to shampoo dial the temp down a few degrees. 

Winter Hair Tip #4 Controlling Frizz and “Hat Hair”

“Baby it’s cold outside….” Who doesn’t love a nice, cozy warm hat and scarf? Well, your hair actually. Knit hats and scarves are notorious for causing frizzy tangled hair. Using a lightweight serum like our Split Personality Keratin infused serum will detangle, tame flyaways and prevent frizz. It also mends split ends and helps to prevent future split ends because of our Red Algae Extract and B5.

Winter Hair Tip #5 Air Dry and GO 

Our hair consists of protein bonds that become weakened and permanently reformed from high and excessive heat due to blow drying and heat styling. Winter is a great opportunity to take a break from the heat styling. That doesn’t mean you have to skimp on styling your hair. There are lots of easy great ways to style your hair minus the heat. For example, while your hair is damp take our Split Personality Serum and run a generous amount through your hair mid to ends. Next, you take medium size sections of your hair starting in the front on both sides (working your way to the back of your head) and twirl them around your finger until your hair is “twisted” from root to ends. Then I like to take a light hairspray and lightly spray all the sections and let them air dry. This is a great way to get beachy waves in the winter without heat! 

We hope you learned a few tricks of the trade to keep your hair healthy and fabulous during the winter months!

Stay safe and See ya on the flip side Kizzys,