The Top Hair Extension Tape Tabs for Quick and Secure Reapplication

The Top Hair Extension Tape Tabs for Quick and Secure Reapplication

One of the most versatile and widely used hair extension methods is tape-ins! Why? They’re easy and quick to apply, don’t damage the hair when applied and removed correctly, and give your hair boosted volume and gorgeous length. What more could you ask for? It’s one of the most popular hair extension types for a reason!   

Whether you’re a stylist or a DIY hair guru, sooner or later, you’ll need some hair extension tape tabs for your tape-in hair extensions. Finding the best hair extension tape is crucial for your hair to look and feel fabulous. That’s where we come in to help you find the right tape for every hair type, hair density, and lifestyle. Stick with us—we’ll give you the grand tour of our collection of hair tapes!  

Your Big Kizzy Guide to The Best Hair Extension Tape  

We love tape-in hair extensions here at Big Kizzy, so much so that we have a wide range of hair tape tabs for any brand of extensions (you’ll find comparable tape for the most popular extension brands!). Now, let’s get into the details of each so you can have a comfortable, strong, and long-lasting tape-in hair extension application 

Check out our ultimate collection of hair extension tape tabs with both double sided and single sided tape to choose from: 

Extra Hold Double-Sided—This OG tape is compatible with most tape in hair extension brands. It’s best for thicker hair types and can last 7+ weeks before reapplication.  

Regular Hold Double-Sided – Ideal for thinner to normal hair types, this tape mixes strength and durability for the perfect combination. Also compatible with most tape in hair extension brands, enjoy a wear time of 5+ weeks with this tape.  

Extra Hold Single-Sided– Anyone with very thin or fine hair, prepare to be obsessed with this tape! It lets you add that volume and length using fewer wefts with a 7+ week hold time and is compatible with most tape in hair extension brands.

Original Brown™ Double Sided – Working with hairtalk, Hotheads or The Hair Shop hair extensions? These will be your go-to choice for reapplication. Expect this tape to last 5- 7+ weeks and have an easy, no residue clean-up when removed. 

Original Brown™ Single Sided – This is the single-sided version for thin hair types using hairtalk, Hotheads or The Hair Shop hair extensions! Wear this tape for 5-7+ weeks with a quick, no-residue extension removal process.  

Seamless Hold™ Double Sided – Are you a Glam Seamless fan? This hair tape works like a charm with Glam Seamless extensions and a variety of others like Perfect Locks and Zala extensions. These hair tape tabs will last you up to 6-8+ weeks with a super strong hold.  

Seamless Hold™ Single Sided – Fine or thin hair types that are rocking Glam Seamless, Perfect Locks, or Zala will love these single-sided tape tabs! Less weight on your hair plus a strong 6-8+ week hold equals hair perfection.  

Ultra Stick™ Double Sided – Are Donna Bella or Babe hair extensions your fave? Try this tape for reapplication! With an ultra-strong hold, this tape isn’t going anywhere for 6-8+ weeks. 

Ultra Stick™ Single Sided – Want less weight with Donna Bella or Babe hair extensions? These allow you to use fewer wefts for fine or thin hair types lasting 6-8+ weeks. 

Pro Hold™ Double Sided – Looking for hair extension tape tabs compatible with Bellami? You can’t go wrong with this tape! It’s designed for a strong and flexible hold that lasts 5-7+ weeks.   

Pro Hold™ Single Sided – If you’re using Bellami extensions with thin or fine hair, try this tape! Use single wefts to put less weight on your more fragile strands. Wear this strong, flexible hair tape for up to 5-7+ weeks. 

Classic Blue™ Double Sided – Love Beautify Lace Front hair extension tape? This tape is a comparable alternative with a matte finish and comfortable wear of 4-6+ weeks.  

No Show™ Double Sided – When you’re ready to replace your Beautify No Shine Hair Extension Tape, use this tape instead! It offers an easy reapplication and strong hold that lasts 6-8+ weeks. 

Find the hair tape that best suits your needs for hair extension bliss! But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll need a few other essentials for your next tape-in hair extension application 

Achieve a Flawless Tape in Hair Extension Application Every Time  

Once you’ve found the hair extension tape tabs you can’t live without, you’ll notice the difference! Like how much easier it is to apply and remove your extensions. Or the way your hair extensions are long-lasting and always on point. When you have high-quality hair extension products at an affordable price, there’s no turning back! 

At Big Kizzy, we have everything you need for extensions. We not only have the best hair extension tape and removers for tape-ins, but we also carry beads, thread, and tools for weft hair extensions and tools for keratin hair extensions. Shop our online store for top-of-the-line products for application, reapplication, and removal of all extension methods.  

Need help deciding which products are right for you? Send us a message, our extensions experts are here to help!