Troubleshooting Common Tape Extension Problems

Troubleshooting Common Extension Tape Problems


The Perfect Tape in Hair Extension Application

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions

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Why are My Tape Extensions Slipping?

People love our extension tape. And they hate it too. Why? Tape extensions are so easy to apply most people don't take the time to learn the basic rules of applying and reapplying tape extensions. Also, it's super easy to overlook a step or two.

The truth isn't if you will have a problem with tape extensions - it's when. The key is to understand why - so you can fix it when it happens. The more experience you have the less trouble you will experience with tape extensions.

Even hairstylists have trouble from time to time. Yes, they really do. There are 3 parts to every successful tape application: Preparing the hair, Application & Care. Mistakes on any part can shorten the application time.

Read all the Reviews: If you read our reviews and other extension tape brands you will see a common thread - slipping. If you know why it's slipping you can fix it.

Why are my tapes slipping?

  • Too much hair in between the “tape sandwich” can cause the panels to not properly stick to each other. Using a professional sealing tool like the Blueberry will help press out all the air bubbles and make sure tape panels are properly “sandwiched” around your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair and tape extensions before applying - ALWAYS. Oil is the enemy of hair extension tape. Any oil in your shampoo, conditioner, hair products or even the tape extension remover can make your tapes to slip or fall out.
  • Forgot to heat up the tape before applying. For best results the Extra Hold Tape needs to be slightly heated with a flat iron before applying your tape extensions.

My tapes loosened and came out as soon as I got them wet.

  • Don't Get Your Hair Wet for 48 Hours: Wait at least 2 days before working out, wetting, or shampooing the hair.
  • Dry Your Roots: Always blow dry where the tape attaches to your hair as soon as you get out the shower.
  • Press It Real Good: Press the sandwich together to help keep it sealed together at least once a week.
  • They were self applied. If the tape panels don’t align with each other perfectly then slipping and reduced wearing time may occur.
  • Old tape wasn’t removed. Old tape was removed but there was a lot of sticky, oily residue left behind.

My stylist applied them and they still fell out.

  • Not all tape works the same way. Make sure you give your stylist the instructions that are included each package of Big Kizzy Extension Tape.

These aren’t EXTRA HOLD!

  • When applied properly these are definitely EXTRA. Detailed instruction booklet included - easy enough for newbies and some advanced tips for the pros.

Why are my tape in hair extensions falling slipping coming out

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