Big Kizzy the world's first multi purpose hair care line

Meet BIG KIZZY – The World’s FIRST Multi Purpose Hair Care Line

The reality is that most people these days get a variety of hair services done in (and out) of the hair salon. Changing up your look isn’t something you do once in awhile – it’s something you do several times a year.

I had my “there has got to be a better way” moment when I had to spend 20 minutes explaining to my client how and when to use the 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, and a several other hair care products for each of the services she had received.

Hair Services Received – A Complicated Order

She had a base color to cover her gray every 5 weeks.
Balayage highlights about 3 times a year.
Keratin Treatment about 3 times a year.
A volumizing treatment of tape in hair extensions.
She had thinner/fine hair – AND it was a frizzy texture.

Not only was matching hair care products with the services she had received difficult – also matching the hair care products to best suit her hair type was also hard and a more than a little confusing (even for me as a stylist!).

Every product designed to support and care for her hair services didn’t always match up to her hair type or worse was bad for other types of services she had done – like hair extensions.

Not everyone gets this much done to their hair, however, most people get more than just 1 type of service done. Where it gets complicated is when you start adding services like hair extensions and keratin treatments. Both of these services are like “red headed step sisters” when it comes to being supported by most mainstream hair care brands.

Go ahead – check the label of your hair care. It will tell you that it does this 1 thing for this 1 type of hair. Hair Care companies aren’t interested in making multi purpose hair care products. There is more money to be made having a product for each service and hair type.

For years, I pieced together hair care regimens for my clients from different hair care lines. The truth is that A LOT of the products manufactured in a large hair care line can actually be used for several different types of hair and services – even if the label says it only does one thing.

The problem I kept running into was how confusing it was trying to explain to clients that even though the shampoo didn’t say it was hair extension or keratin safe – that it was indeed fantastic for these services. Often times, new clients would feel like my salon team and I were just trying to sell product for the sake of selling product.

Big Kizzy Multipurpose Hair Care Line Hair Extensions Keratin Treatments Hair Color

Many of the products designed to take care of these “specialty services” like hair extensions and keratin offer up subpar ingredients and an overall basic/generic experience.  These hair care lines always felt more like an afterthought to me.

Sorry, you can’t have the luxurious great smelling XYZ product because it has oil in the shampoo and will make your weave fall out. Nope, you get this generic, not so great smelling shampoo made by Weaver Weave Inc. Oh, and anyone who uses your shower is going to know you have extensions because it says in BIG BOLD WORDS – WEAVE SHAMPOO FOR THIN BALDING PEOPLE.

Maybe I tend to over exaggerate (a little). There is some truth in what I am saying though. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your overall experience just because you want to have the best hair you possibly can.

1 “Tissue” for Many Hair Issues

Big Kizzy Hair was born out my passion for the hair extension and beauty industry. I wanted to create a sexy, chic and SMART hair care line designed for the unique needs of anyone who navigates MULTIPLE modern services.

The whole line can be mixed, matched, and cocktailed to create a custom and unique experience tailored for all of your hair’s needs. All products are very high performance and can do multiple things for your hair.

I paid special attention to details like packaging, scent, and even the clever names of each product. My goal is to make Big Kizzy more than just a hair care line. I want Big Kizzy to be a lifestyle. Go Big Kizzy or Go Home!

Our company is hairdresser inspired and salon approved. Smart, sexy, chic and a little bit EXTRA. I know you’ll love Big Kizzy as much as I do.


Christopher Box
Big Kizzy Founder & Stylist