Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type

How to Choose Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type & Lifestyle

The Best Hair Extension Tape is About Choices

The Perfect Tape in Hair Extension Application

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions

Why are My Tape Extensions Slipping?

Troubleshooting Common Tape Extension Problems

Why do we offer more than one type of hair extension tape? Because, neither you or your hair is one size fits all.

Picking the best hair extension tape is like picking the right hair care for your hair type. Some women have thicker hair and need a one thing and and others have thin fine hair  need the exact opposite. The same thing applies to the tape you use for your tape extension application.

Most tape extension companies only offer one type of extension tape out of the box to start and to re-tape with. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever loved a tape hair extension brands hair but hated their tape?
  • Do you know if the tape you are using is regular hold or extra hold?
  • Does the tape work one time and then not the next?

Here at Big Kizzy we offer two different extension tape holds designed around your lifestyle and hair type.

Regular Hold | 4 cm x .8 cm. "Standard Size." Fits most tape extensions tabs.

  • Recommended for women with fine and or thin hair.
  • Designed for normal everyday wear.  
  • Lasts 5 plus weeks with proper installation and care.
  • Ultra thin and lightweight.
  • Extremely durable when properly applied.
  • Low Adhesive Residue: Fast removal with minimal “goo” left behind.

Extra Hold 4 cm x .8 cm "Standard Size." Fits most tape extensions tabs.

  • Recommended for thicker hair types.
  • Designed for tape applications that require a stronger and longer hold.  
  • Lasts 7 plus weeks with proper installation and care.
  • Tape is thicker than Tape 1, Tape 2 Extra is considered one of the best and longest lasting tapes on the market.
  • Extra Hold Tape needs to be heated with a flat iron for 2 to 3 seconds before applying. This activates the additional adhesive that is on the tape so it can create a strong “seal” when the two tape panels are pressed together.
  • Residue & Removal: You should expect adhesive residue - Big Kizzy Tape in Extension Removers are required for easy removal.

Don’t be EXTRA! Use the Right Tape for Your Hair & Lifestyle

A common mistake that people make when choosing hair extension tape is going with the Extra Hold Tape instead of the Regular Hold Tape. Stronger isn’t always better.

The Extra Hold Tape was designed with more adhesive on the tape because thick hair is larger in diameter takes up more space. Basically, the additional adhesive on the tape is there so it can be pushed through the thicker hair when sealing the two tape panels together with the Blueberry Sealing Tool.

If you have fine hair or if you have thin fine hair - removing the Extra Hold Tape can be a lot harder because here will be more adhesive residue to deal with. It’s like using a shovel to eat cereal instead of a spoon. Sure, you can do it - BUT it gets a little messy in the end.