Treat & Prevent Hair Damage from Pool Time

How to Treat & Prevent Hair Damage from the Sun

Treat & Prevent Hair Damage from Pool Time  

Thairapy Booster Oil: The Best Hair Oil for Damaged Hair & Dry Ends

My hair on a good day is.. difficult. Like most people with long hair my hair is a little damaged and there some dry ends that need a little love. And since it’s officially “un-sticking your thighs from plastic chairs season” I have been spending A LOT of time in the pool. 

The salty pool water and summer heat always wreak havoc on my hair. But I have a secret weapon to keep my hair protected from the summer rays and my frequent dips in the pool. One of my favorite things about Big Kizzy is that you can mix or “cocktail” products to fit your hair’s needs. 

Treat & Repair: Thairapy Hair Oil + Chemical Love Affair Deep Conditioning Treatment

Set your hair up to win by doing regular deep conditioning treatments. This is especially important when you are indulging in summertime activities like swimming in the ocean or a pool. Trust me... your hair is worth it!

“BOMB” Deep Conditioning Treatment: Combine Thairapy Hair Oil for Damaged Hair with your favorite conditioner and make what I like to call “the bomb mask.” I like to mix it with our super hydrating Chemical Love Affair Conditioner. This combo keeps my curls tamed, smooth and refined.

Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil: A powerful cocktail of Marula, Argan Coconut and Essential oils; Yep, that’s right Kizzies, only 4 ingredients!

I like to use 3-5 drops on my hair - for finer hair types I would suggest 2-3 drops. It’s the perfect combo to keep our hair hydrated, smooth and shiny. You’ll notice a difference from the very first use.

Sun Damage Prevention: Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil + Happy Hour

Sun Damage Prevention: Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil + Happy Hour

Ever wonder where dry damaged split ends come from? June, July & August. What you do in the pool comes back to haunt you in January. Think about it... if your skin can get a sunburn what happens to your hair? If you said it gets damaged you get 2 gold stars. 

Hair acts like a sponge. How is this relevant? When you jump in the pool with dry hair - it immediately sucks up all the salt and chlorine. And to top it all off, most people spend hours letting it bake under the summer sun. Trust me, it is a recipe for disaster. 

How to Prevent Hair Sun Damage at the Pool

  • Products Needed: Thairapy Oil for Damaged Hair, Recon & Residue Leave in Conditioner & Happy Hour Dry Conditioner. Also, an 8oz water bottle. Dollar Tree is the best for these. 
  • Mix: Pour the Recon & Residue (don't worry - this product says extension remover but keep in mind that it is also a powerful leave in conditioner) into your water bottle. (Add three pumps of the Thairapy Oil or if you are using the 2oz bottle use 3 droppers full. Fill the rest up with bottled water. 
  • Brush & Wet Your Hair: Brush your hair and then thoroughly saturate your hair with the above concoction. Always keep this away from the area where your extensions meet your own natural hair. 
  • VIP READ IF YOU HAVE EXTENSIONS: Wet the roots of your hair with just regular water. We highly recommend using bottled water. 
  • Ponytail: If you are wearing extensions put your hair into a low ponytail. No extensions? You can do a low or high ponytail. 
  • Sunscreen: Top it all off with 5 or 6 pumps of Happy Hour Dry Conditioner. Happy Hour has UV Hair Protection/color saving and conditioning agent.
  • Rinse: As soon as you can, thoroughly rinse your hair and then shampoo and condition like normal.