A Few of My Favorite Frizzy Hair Products - Split Personality and Thairapy Booster Oil

A Few of My Favorite Frizzy Hair Products - Split Personality and Thairapy Booster Oil

It's a CRUEL, CRUEL, CRUEL Summer...

Especially if you have curly FINE hair that gets frizzy (like me!) and you don’t know what to do with it. I have good news Kizzies - you don’t have to hide it under that baseball cap anymore. Don't be ashamed of it: let me show you how to embrace your curls. 

I live in Dallas, and the humidity over here is no joke. It's hard to style my hair with my hot tools when it is already HOT HOT HOT! It's the "perfect storm" to turn my curls into a big frizzy mess. Lucky for me, I work for a haircare line that has some pretty great products for my hair type. (and I really do like my Kizzy products!)

I have the perfect product combination that will give your hair the right amount hydration and protection for anyone who struggles with frizzy, fine, curly hair. Get the notepad out and write these tips down, for a summer full of sun and healthy hair. 

Split Personality Keratin Serum and Thairapy Booster Oil are a powerful mix of ingredients to tame frizz, enhance my curl all without without weighing it down.  Split Personality is infused with keratin and turbocharged with red algae, provitamin B5 and UV protection. When I combine these two it makes a light "cocktail" that hydrates and conditions my frizzy hair and mends split ends. 

I really looooove this little gem as it has helped treat my split ends and it does the job on smoothing those open cuticles and catching all the humidity that makes my hair go PUFF!  The real wow factor is when I combine it with my other favorite product: the Thairapy Booster Oil. This organic and vegan formula is tailored to tackle the frizzy, damaged, fragile, meh hair.

Thairapy Booster Oil for Frizzy Hair Treatment Split Personality Keratin Serum


I have long curly hair and I can't get enough of it! If I’m wearing my hair curly like back in the 80’s; I just pump both of them in the palm of my hands, mix them and crunch my hair from mid shaft to ends. It smells so good! And my hair is on point.

How do I work it?  Well, very simple; 

  • Start with clean dry hair. I like to do a good thorough brushing with a detangling brush and then really take a few minutes to squeeze out the excess water in my hair. 
  • Mix a nickel size of the Split Personality and 3 pumps of the Thairapy Oil into the palm of your hand. 
  • Rub your hands together to "emulsify" the product. That is a fancy word for activating the ingredients before you apply it to your hair. 
  • Apply to damp hair 4 to 6 inches away from your root area.
  • QUICK TIP: For my weave girls - never ever put this near where your extensions meet your own natural hair. If you need control at your root area you can apply a little Split Personality by itself. A little goes a long way!
  • Scrunch your hair and let air dry or if want a more polished look you can use a diffuser to enhance the curl pattern in your hair. 
  • QUICK TIP: If you want a smooth blow out then you can add 1 pump of Thick Chick Volumizing Foam, apply to your hair like above and follow with a good blowout. You'll get smooth frizz free hair that will last for days. 
  • Seems so simple but don't let the simplicity fool you. It really works!

VIP QUICK TIP: Be careful, these two versatile products are very concentrated; so adjust the quantity depending on your hair type and length 

Thairapy can be used on anything that dry hair and skin and even as a pre shave oil. It is a powerful mix of Marula, Argan and Coconut oil that protects and nourishes thirsty hair and skin! 

With these two products I think I have cracked part of the code of JLo’s age defying beauty regimen.