Styling Hair Extensions & Adding Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

Styling Hair Extensions & Adding Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

If you wear hair extensions, have fine, thin hair, and want to add volume, get your hands on Thick Chick Volumizing Foam by Big Kizzy Hair. 

Blending Hair Extensions With Your Natural Hair 

What products you use when blending your own natural hair into your hair extensions matters! There is usually a visible difference in your own natural hair and your hair extensions that has nothing to do with the color match or how your hair extensions were cut to blend into your natural hair. Why? Density and diameter… basically your hair extensions have a higher density, and each individual strand is thicker in diameter. What does that mean? You're gonna need a little extra help from your styling products to achieve a seamless blend. 

Chances are if you are wearing hair extensions you are doing so because you want to add volume and length. 

If you want to add volume and length chances are your own bio hair is on the fine/thin side. It’s common knowledge that a good blend requires some styling, but styling products play an equally important role. A root boosting/ volumizing foam like Thick Chick by Big Kizzy Hair can help “bulk up” your own strands and in turn create a more seamless beautiful blend between your extension hair and your own hair.   

Important: make sure ANY product you are using to style your hair/hair extensions is designed to be safely used with hair extensions, color treated hair, or other chemical services like Keratin treatments.