Walker Tape Beautify vs Big Kizzy for Hair Extensions

Walker Tape Beautify vs Big Kizzy for Hair Extensions

Stylists and hair extension aficionados alike have tried their fair share of hair extension tape, removers, tools, and other accessories. While the quality of the hair extensions is key, the same goes for the products used to apply and remove them. Proper application and removal of extensions ensure you won’t damage the natural hair in the process. That’s why the products you choose make a difference!  

When deciding which brand of hair extension products to use, you might have come across Walker Tape and their Beautify line. But how do they compare to our products? Let’s take a closer look at the products they offer and how our products at Big Kizzy compare (and why ours will be your go-to choice from now on!).   

What Type of Products Does Beautify Specialize in? 

Looking at Walker Tape as a whole, they specialize in hair tapes and adhesives for wigs, hair systems, and tape-in hair extensions. The Beautify line focuses specifically on their products for tape-in hair extensions. They offer a range of hair extension tape options that vary in strength and durability. You’ll also find adhesive removers, prep, and system care products.   

How Does Big Kizzy Compare to Walker Tape Beautify? 

Model Wearing Tape Extensions Showcasing Yellow Remover Spray

Now that you know a bit more about Walker Tape and Beautify, allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re Big Kizzy, and we love hair extensions. Our hair extension experts know how crucial it is to have the best products possible for your extensions. From weft to tape-in, we have a range of professional tools and accessories for application and removal.   

Our hair extension tape and remover collection can be used with most hair extension brands (check out the description of each to see which brand each item is compatible with!). But for the purposes of this blog, we’ll give you an overview of our products that compare to Beautify products by Walker Tape. Stick with us for quality you can trust and an affordable price point to match!  

Classic Blue™ Double Sided Tape 

Classic Blue Double Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs

Meet our Classic Blue™ Double Sided Tape (comparable to Beautify Lace Front Tape). This hair extension tape has a matte finish that blends flawlessly in the hair with a no-residue cleanup when it’s time for removal. These tapes are designed to last from 4 to 6+ weeks with proper hair extension care. Pair this tape with our Big Kizzy removers for best results!  

How To Use

  1. Remove one tape tab from the sheet, being careful not to touch the adhesive side. 
  2. Align and place the tape tab onto the adhesive area of the hair extension weft.  
  3. Remove the paper backing from the tab on the extension and apply it to the hair. 
  4. Use Tape In Applicator Tool to seal the extension wefts to prevent slippage.
How To Use Big Kizzy Tape Extension Tabs

No Show™ Double Sided Tape 

No Show Double Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs

Say hello to our No Show™ Double Sided Tape (comparable to Beautify No Shine Tape). This hair extension tape has a matte finish so it can go unnoticed in the natural hair. Designed for a strong hold wear, this tape will last 6 to 8+ weeks with proper care. Use our Big Kizzy removers when it’s time for reapplication. 

How To Use: Follow the same instructions as the Classic Blue™ Double Sided Tape above.   

How To Use Big Kizzy Tape Extension Tabs

Yellow Remover™ for Tape In Extensions 

Big Kizzy Yellow Tape Extension Remover Spray

Looking for a remover comparable to Beautify C22? Try our Yellow Remover™ for Tape In Extensions! This gentle oil-based solvent neutralizes tape-in adhesives and removes excess residue. Our formula is infused with a refreshing citrus scent that works quickly without damaging the hair.  

How To Use

  1. Spray the remover on top of the tape in extension tab and let the spray soak into the adhesive. 
  2. Gently separate the tape tabs from each other and apply more solvent as necessary. 
  3. Remove the extensions from the hair and shampoo to rinse out any leftover oil or residue.   
How To Use Remover Spray on Tape Extension Tabs

High-Quality Hair Extension Tape and More for Lengthy Locks  

Hair extensions have the power to totally transform the hair and take it to a new level. But you can only do so much with extensions without the proper tools and products. Quality is the number one factor you should look for with both hair extensions and what you use to apply and remove them! This way, you can expect the best results possible for yourself or your client when working with extensions.  

When comparing what Walker Tape Beautify offers versus Big Kizzy, you can rest assured that our products work just as well (if not better!) at great prices. We’ve laid out all of the details, now there’s only one way to find out for yourself. Head to our website to shop all of our hair extension essentials for salon-quality products you can count on!