Must-Have Hair Tape and Tools for Babe Hair Extensions

Must-Have Hair Tape and Tools for Babe Hair Extensions

That feeling when you leave the salon after your hair extension application is unmatched! Going from short strands that lack volume to thick and lengthy tresses feels amazing. Hair extensions make a huge difference in upgrading your look despite your previous hair troubles. Maybe you cut it too short and miss having long hair, struggle to grow your hair out, or just want to level up your locks. Hair extensions are always an option!  

Are you planning to use Babe Hair Extensions? Whether you’re a professional stylist or DIY hair pro, you need the right products and tools to apply and remove Babe Extensions. We’ll go over all the details you need to know about Babe Hair. Then, we’ll give you our Big Kizzy product recs to go with your new extensions. Let’s get into it!   

What You Need to Know About Babe Hair 

If you want high-quality 100% Remy human hair, Babe Hair Extensions will deliver! All of their hair extensions are made with salon-worthy Remy hair, so there’s no need to worry about hair quality. Another great thing about this hair extension brand is the variety of extension methods they have. You can choose from weft, clip-in, fusion, and tape-in, among other options. Choose the type that best suits your hair needs and lifestyle.   

Their extensions are available in curly or straight and range from 14” to 24” in length. When finding your ideal color match, choose from various shade categories, including naturals, ombre, blended, and fashion shades. Looking at the Babe Hair Extensions before and after photos will give you all of the best hair inspo to help you decide what style you want. No matter the hair extension method you choose, Babe Hair is sure to have something you’ll love!  

The Top Products for Babe Extensions Application and Removal  

Model Wearing Tape Extensions Showcasing Bond Breaker Remover Spray

Once you’ve ordered the hair extensions from Babe Hair for yourself or your client, it’s time to stock up on the products you’ll need! If you’re working with tape-in extensions or weft, we have all the hair extension essentials for gorgeous tresses. From the best hair tape and removers to beads and thread, find it all with Big Kizzy!  

Here are our top recommended products compatible with Babe Hair Extensions:  

Ultra Stick™ Double Sided Hair Tape  

Ultra Stick Double Sided Tape Extension Tabs

Looking for the best hair tape for Babe Hair? Our Ultra Stick Double Sided Hair Tape works interchangeably with Babe Hair Extensions. This tape provides an easy and secure application with an extra strong hold. Expect this tape to last 6-8+ weeks.   

Ultra Stick™ Single Sided Hair Tape  

Ultra Stick Single Sided Tape Extension Tabs

If you need the best hair tape for applying fewer wefts, go with our Ultra Stick Single Sided Hair Tape. This allows you to use half the number of wefts for less weight on fine or thin hair types. This tape provides the same extra strong hold time of 6-8+ weeks as the double-sided version.   

Blue Bond Remover™ 

Blue Bond Remover Extension Spray

Comparable to Babe Keratin Bond Remover, our Blue Bond Remover is a fast-acting solvent for neutralizing tape-in adhesive and keratin bonds.   

Purple Bond Remover™  

Purple Bond Remover Extension Spray

 Similar to Babe Express Bond Remover, our Purple Bond Remover works quickly to remove tape-in and keratin hair extensions. 

Bond Breaker Remover™  

Bond Breaker Remover Extension Spray

For a gentle oil-based remover, our Bond Breaker Remover will be your new fave! Comparable to Babe Tape-In Bond Remover, this solvent spray neutralizes tape-in extension glue and residue.   

Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions 

Big Kizzy Brown Silicone Beads - 250 ct.

Our 5mm Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions provide a non-slip foundation with a safe and secure fit. These silicone-lined beads are gentle on the hair and are compatible with Babe Hair weft extensions.   

Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions 

Black Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions

Our strong yet lightweight Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions creates a non-slip stitch  ideal for applying Babe sew-in weft extensions. This Nylon Thread can be used with machine weft, hand-tied weft, or hybrid weft extensions.  

Hair Extension Pliers  

Big Kizzy Hair Extension Pliers
Our premium-quality extension pliers are designed to firmly and evenly close hair extension beads without slippage or damage. Use them to apply beaded weft Babe hair extensions for professional results.

Claw Pliers  

Big Kizzy Claw Extension Pliers

Time to remove your beaded weft extensions? Our claw pliers easily loosen and open beads for a non-damaging and seamless removal process.  

Discover The Best Hair Tape and More for All Extension Brands  

Part of achieving stunning strands with extensions is having the right tools and products to make it happen! Whatever method of extensions you choose by Babe Hair, like tape-in or weft, make sure you stock up on hair tape, remover, beads, or thread for the best experience possible.   

Beyond our top products for Babe Hair Extensions, we also have a collection of tapes and removers that work with a range of the most loved hair extension brands. From BELLAMI and Glam Seamless to Bella Donna and Hairtalk, you can find all of the best extension essentials with Big Kizzy! Visit our website to shop all things extensions.