How to Moisturize Hair After Blow Drying

How to Moisturize Hair After Blow Drying

Who doesn’t love a blowout fresh from the salon? Bouncy and full or straight and sleek, get the look you want! Blow drying your hair gives you more control over how you style your strands. A blow dryer is a top hairstylist tool at the salon and at home in the bathroom with our haircare products. As much as blow drying can be a staple in our beauty routine, we need to remember to hydrate our strands!  

We know that heat styling can suck the moisture out of our strands (after all, drying your hair is literally what it’s meant to do). So, putting moisturizer in hair before and after blow drying is a must! There are various options when choosing a hair moisturizer for your tresses, so choose wisely.   

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret! Our Big Kizzy hair gurus are here to help you find the best hair moisturizer to revive your locks and give you tips on how to moisturize hair after blow drying. Your hair is thirsty, it’s time to hydrate!  

What’s The Best Hair Moisturizer for Blow Dried Hair? 

Here’s the scoop: if you want to know how to keep your hair hydrated after you blow dry your strands, you need to start with the prep! Since heat styling tends to majorly dry out your strands, it’s essential to moisturize hair daily to prevent damage and breakage. You want to keep your strands hydrated, especially when blow drying extensions, as they need that locked-in moisture to last as long as possible.   

Prep the hair before and after blow drying with these products:   

Best Products for Hydrating Hair Before Blow Drying  

Preventing hair damage is the key here, we want to ensure we prep the hair before heat styling. 

  • Thick Chick – Volumizing Foam: This volumizing foam is packed with hair-enriching nutrients you need before blow drying. Panthenol helps infuse moisture into the hair's cuticle with sunflower extract and hydrolyzed rice protein to condition the hair.  

Best Products for Moisturizing Hair After Blow Drying  

After you’ve finished blow-drying your hair, use these products to give your hair that extra boost of moisture it needs.   

  • Thairapy™ – Deep Conditioning Oil for Dry Hair: While you can also use this oil to add to your conditioner to give it an extra boost, it’s perfect for restoring your hair’s moisture after blow drying. Hydrate your hair from the inside out to prevent breakage and split ends.  
  • Happy Hour – Dry Conditioner: Quench your thirsty strands with a conditioning formula infused with marula oil. Hydrate dry ends and use in between your wash days. If your hair feels dry after blow drying, spritz for that much-needed moisture.   

Now that you know what items to add to your best hair moisturizer list, let’s get into the details on how to moisturize hair after blow drying

Tips For Using a Post-Blow Dry Hair Moisturizer 

Is your hair feeling brittle and parched after your blow dry sesh? Not to worry! We’ll walk you through how to use moisturizer in hair for replenished strands in no time. Keeping your strands hydrated after using heating tools like a blow dryer should be a top priority in your hair care routine.   

How To Use Hair Oil   

Use our Thairapy™ Deep Conditioning Oil for Dry Hair to add shine and hydration to your locks. 

  • Apply a small amount to your hair after blow drying (you’ll only need to use a few drops for max hydration.) 
  • Rub the oil between the palms of your hands and then smooth it over your strands.  
  • Focus on areas that tend to frizz the most, like your ends.  
  • Hair oil will also give you the added bonus of brilliant shine to your tresses.  
  • If you have hair extensions, be careful not to apply any oil to hair extension attachment points!   

How To Use Dry Conditioner  

Grab your Happy Hour Dry Conditioner when your hair is in need of a moisture boost!   

  • Spray the conditioner with two to three bursts from mid-shaft down.  
  • Use a boar bristle brush to gently brush through the hair until fully absorbed. 
  • Brushing your hair helps to evenly distribute the product throughout. 
  • Avoid spraying your roots, scalp, or attachment point for extensions.   

Keep your tresses healthy and strong by incorporating hair moisturizer products into your styling routine. Find what works best for your hair needs. Hydrated hair equals happy hair!  

Moisturize Hair Daily for Healthy Strands   

The goal is to have hair that looks and feels great, right? You might struggle with dry strands after heat styling, that’s when having the best hair moisturizer products makes all the difference! Using moisturizer in hair before and after heat styling is vital to your hair’s overall health. Prep your hair with a frizz serum and volumizing foam for strong strands that hold moisture. After you blow dry, take care of dry strands with hair oil and dry conditioner for a burst of hydration.  

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