5 Hairstyles for Swimming That Protect Your Hair

5 Hairstyles for Swimming That Protect Your Hair

Headed to the beach or pool? These hairstyles for swimming help keep your hair out of the way and protect your strands! Whether you’re going on a tropical vacay or having a pool or beach day, it’s essential to wear protective hairstyles that keep your hair healthy and strong. Especially if you plan to go swimming when it gets hot out and you want to cool off in the water! 

Our hair pros at Big Kizzy will walk you through the best hairstyles for swimming (see our advice for swimming with tape-in extensions if you have them in!). Then, we’ll give you some quick tips that help to protect hair from sun damage. We’ll also throw in some hair care product recs as you prep your cute hairstyles for swimming. Let’s dive in!   

Best Hairstyles for Swimming and Protecting Hair 

Ready to take a dip? Wearing protective hairstyles while swimming helps to minimize knots and tangles, which can lead to hair breakage. Wearing your tresses up in certain styles can also protect hair from chlorine to avoid getting it wet when swimming. 

Try these cute hairstyles for swimming to keep your hair protected:   

French Braid  

One of the best hairstyles for swimming is the French braid! This style takes three sections of hair that are braided together from the crown of your head to the nape of the neck. As you’re braiding this style, you want to be sure to pull the sections tight as you go along so they don’t get loose when it’s time to go swimming!  

Classic Ponytail  

We all know her and love her—the classic ponytail! If you’re running short on time pulling your hair up and into a ponytail is easy on the go. Brush all of your hair up and out of your face (use a hair serum to slick back frizz or flyaways.) Gather your hair at the back of your head or your crown for a high ponytail. Secure with a hair tie and set with hairspray!  

Rope Twist Ponytail 

This gives a new twist to the classic ponytail! We love this look because not only is it simple to style, but it’s also easy to squeeze excess water out of after swimming. Pull your hair up in a high ponytail with a hair tie. Section your hair into two pieces and start twisting each section to the right. After you work your way down, secure the end of your hair with another hair tie. Spritz with hairspray to set the style!  

Braided Ponytail  

Another alternative ponytail option to add to your cute hairstyles for swimming options. Similar to the rope twist, follow the same steps as above, but instead of sectioning the hair in two sections, make three sections. Braid your hair with the three sections and secure it with a hair tie—and voila!   

Top Knot Bun  

Want to keep your hair out of the water? Turn your braided or rope twist ponytail into a top knot bun super easily! Just wrap your braid or twist around your hair tie at the back or top of your head (depending on whether you have a regular or high ponytail). Secure with some bobby pins, and you’re good to go!  

Quick Tips to Protect Hair from Sun Damage 

Hairstyles for swimming are a great way to protect your hair while you’re in the water, but what about the sun? Minimizing your exposure to UV rays helps keep your hair (and skin!) protected. The sun can be harsh on your locks, so it’s important to keep this in mind!  

Save these tips for later to protect hair from sun damage: 

Use Hair Care Products with UV Protection  

The first step is protecting hair from the sun’s rays with hair care products! Our Split Personality serum contains UV protection to preserve color and prevent damage to hair. You can also quench your hair’s thirst and give some extra UV protection as needed with our Happy Hour dry conditioner.   

Avoid Styles with Parts  

We all know sunburnt hair parts are no fun! This one is to protect your scalp (which goes hand in hand with protecting hair from the sun). If you’re wearing tape-in hair extensions, don’t put sunscreen on your scalp, as it can loosen the hair extension adhesives if it drips down.  

Wear a Hat or Swimming Cap 

Wearing a cute sun hat is the best way to protect hair from sun damage while you’re lounging by the water. A swimming cap can shield your strands from the sun while swimming and also protect hair from chlorine at the pool.  

Now it’s time to make the most of your beach and pool time with your hairstyles for swimming!   

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