3 Things You Need to Know About Buying Tape Extension Remover

3 Things You Need to Know About Buying Tape Extension Remover

It’s no secret that tape-in hair extensions are one of our favorites here at Big Kizzy. Tape-in extensions are a versatile and easy-to-apply option for all hair types. Stylists love that it doesn’t take up half of their day for a tape-in application appointment. Clients love the final look, the affordability, and the simple maintenance routine. Removal should be just as straightforward as the application!  

Finding the right tape extension remover that makes the removal process a breeze is what we all want! So how do we find the perfect tape in hair extension remover? Well, we decided to create our own 3-step trio of removers—more on that later! When it comes to choosing the best tape extension remover, there are a few things you need to know before buying. Time to remove your extensions—no residue left behind!  

Getting Down to The Details of Tape In Extension Remover  

Whether you’re a professional stylist or want to remove your extensions at home when you can’t get to the salon, you’ll need a solid tape in extension remover! Learning everything about tape extension remover will help you have the best possible removal experience.   

Here are three things to think about when buying tape in hair extension remover:  

Strength of Adhesive of Your Extensions  

When you had your tape-in hair extensions applied, was it with regular or extra hold tape? This plays a factor in what tape extension remover you’ll need. Some removers are formulated for more aggressive adhesive and can leave behind more stubborn residue. Consider this when you’re shopping for tape in extension remover.  

Think about the type of tape you used for your extensions and how long each is meant to last. Generally, tape-in hair extensions should be removed and reapplied every four to eight weeks. Letting it go longer than that can end up with a less than desirable stubborn residue sticky situation!   

Ingredients Listed in The Remover Solvent 

 Looking at the ingredients is a key factor that sets one tape extension remover apart from the others.  Each formula will be slightly different depending on the brand and type of tape in extension remover. Of course, there’s the active ingredient, which is generally alcohol or oil-based, that removes the adhesive. But what makes each tape in hair extension remover unique is the added ingredients for that little extra hair magic!  

Our Remover 1 is alcohol based and infused with an invigorating spa scent. Our Remover 2 is also alcohol-based but slightly stronger than the previous one to remove leftover residue. It’s infused with relaxing hints of jasmine, gardenia, and fresh mint. Last but not least, Remover 3 is formulated to get rid of stubborn residue but also has conditioning properties to leave hair smooth and hydrated.   

How To Use the Tape In Hair Extension Remover  

Once you’ve figured out the strength of the adhesive used and the ingredients in each tape extension remover, now you need to learn how to use them! Each tape in extension remover will have a similar removal process with slightly different tweaks depending on the formula. It’s essential to read the label carefully and follow the directions step-by-step for best results.   

Here’s how to use our Big Kizzy hair extension remover trio:  

  • Start with Remover 1 and spray it at the adhesive point of the tape extensions.   
  • Allow the remover to drip down into the extensions and soak for at least 30 seconds.   
  • Place a rat-tail comb between the wefts to separate the tape tabs by moving them from side to side.   
  • If the wefts don’t feel loose enough to remove, apply more Remover 1 as needed.   
  • Gently remove the tape-in extension from the natural hair.   
  • Next, use Remover 2 wherever there’s leftover residue on the natural hair.   
  • Carefully comb the hair in a downward direction to remove the residue.   
  • Repeat this for any other areas in the hair that have residue.   
  • Use Remover 3 for any stubborn residue and let it sit in the hair.    
  • Comb the hair from the roots to the ends and rinse. Repeat this step as necessary.  
  • Wash the hair with a cleansing shampoo to remove any leftover oil.   
  • Rinse the hair with cold water at the end of the wash and dry the hair.  

Ban Residue with Big Kizzy Hair Extension Remover  

Having the best experience with tape-in extensions relies on an easy application and removal process. No one wants to deal with sticky residue in their hair that won’t budge! That’s why looking at the strength of your adhesive, the ingredients listed in the tape extension remover, and learning how to use it properly are so important.   

Our Big Kizzy hair extension remover trio removes your extensions, residue, and any stubborn stickiness. Each tape in hair extension remover in this set has a special formula with a targeted purpose that delivers the results you’re looking for every time! Visit our website to shop for removers, tapes, hair care products, and more.