Thairapy Booster Oil by Big Kizzy Hair

The Real Story Behind Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil

Thairapy Deep Conditioning Booster Oil is My Frakenstein

I like to make things. It’s almost an obsession. I think in another life I was probably a mad scientist creating all kinds of useful gadgets and gizmos. Dr. Boxenstein at your service. Cue thunder and a deeply mischievious laugh. Mwuahahahahaha...

Hair oils hit it big on the professional side over a decade ago when Moroccan Oil launched. The whole beauty industry pretty much lost their minds. 

Some of you are thinking, “What about those old school hot oil treatments?”. Most of those treatments were made with not great ingredients that when used over time actually made your hair feel worse. Basically, it would build up on the hair leaving it weighted and waxy. I guess this was great when everyone was perming their hair but not so much for today's styles. 

When I started Big Kizzy I knew I wanted a hair oil. A good general about inventing things is the need to be first, better or different. How could I be different?

I learned pretty quickly that most of the pro products on the market were better than the old school products but still were filled with a lot of what I call “filler oils”. That is a nice way of saying they were diluted with lesser expensive oils. Yes, even the more expensive ones that retail for over $50. Check the ingredients... I think you will be surprised. 

The first couple of rounds of Thairapy Oil were, umm, an oily disaster? I remember applying the oil like other companies recommend. The problem with Thairapy was it was not diluted... like at all. After testing it out for several months I figured out why other brands were diluting it. It was way cheaper to produce and the carrier oils allowed it to be distributed through the hair better.  

I was not willing to compromise my vision. Some would say I am hard headed? I would say that I am determined. I knew there had to be a way to bring Thairapy to life! But how?

Don’t you love it when an AHA! moment reveals itself? It dawned on me that it needed to be added into a conditioner in order for it to be delivered in a way that it wouldn't leave the hair an oily mess! I started doing some tests with adding it to the Chemical Love Affair Conditioner

I want to use a lot of inappropriate expletives here. Instead, I invite you to visualize the moment when Dr. Frankenstein is successful with his little experiment -  big thundering sounds with lighting bolts punctuated with evil laughter. It was AMAZEBALLS! It was better than any oil I had ever used. No joke. 

It took my team and I to fully develop the idea of creating a whole new category within hair oils. I had created what I coined a “booster oil”. The short of it is you could tailor your experience to fit  your hair’s needs. In addition to being added to your conditioner Thairapy can be added to hair products, body lotion, facial moisturizer and believe it or not - your shampoo. (try it in Chemical Love Affair Shampoo and Split Personality Keratin Smoothing Serum)

SIDE NOTE: YES! I said shampoo. You can add approx 3 drops or a 1/2 a pump to your shampoo. This is ideal for those with thin fine hair. The oil will help hydrate and then the shampoo will remove the excess oil - leaving your hair feeling fab. 

Thairapy Oil contains Argan, Marula, and Coconut Oil (along with a few proprietary essential oils for scent). These 3 oils hydrate the hair from the inside out. It is an extremely powerful combination. 

Out of all the products we offer in the Big Kizzy Hair line up... Thairapy is my absolute favorite. Most of the products I created for Big Kizzy are from the perspective of me using them on a clients hair. They make my job as a hairdresser easier. 

I lost my hair early on... so I do not use many hair products on myself. I use Chemical Love Affair Shampoo as a body wash. (YES I DO!) I love the Chemical Love Affair Conditioner as a beard conditioner. The Thairapy Oil I use as a pre shave oil and I add it to my facial moisturizer. I have gotten to a point I cannot live without it!

So you see, Thairapy Oil is a combination of all three product invention rules. It was the first (or one of the first) booster oils on the market. (a few much bigger companies have already launched a booster oil) I would argue Thairapy is better because of the quality of the ingredients and how it leaves the hair feeling. And last but not least I feel it is different because it is customizable to fit your individual hair’s needs. Mic drop. 

Until next time Kizzies,

Dr. C. Boxenstein (aka Christopher Box - the stylist behind the Kizzy)

Now, back to my laboratory. Mwuahahahahaha...