How to Apply Single Sided Tape In Extensions

How to Apply Single Sided Tape In Extensions

Is your hair fine or thin and in need of a refreshed new style? Tape in extensions will be your new favorite method for added volume and lengthy locks! Being able to go in for a salon appointment and come out with longer and thicker tresses is the best feeling ever. You might be wondering what the best hair extension method for hair that’s thin or fine is. Well, tape-in extensions might just be the answer you’re looking for!   

How can you make tape-in extensions work for your more delicate locks? The short answer: single sided tape in extensions! Using one-sided extension tape is the perfect option for anyone who wants to level up their look with a more lightweight style. You might be wondering how to apply one-sided tape in extensions (and that’s a great question!). That’s what our Big Kizzy hair extension experts are here for! Up next, we’ll go over everything you need to know about single sided tape in extensions so you’ll be ready to glam up your strands.   

What Are One-Sided Tape in Extensions?  

Before we get into how to do tape in extensions, it’s important to note the two different hair tape types. Generally, hair stylists will use double-sided tape for tape in hair extensions. This tape is the standard choice for those with normal to thick hair types. This method is applied by taking two hair extension wefts and sandwiching the natural hair in between each section.  

The alternative option is one-sided extension tape, which is used for those with fine or thin hair. The reason single sided tape in extensions are preferred for more delicate hair types is because it allows for less weight on the strands. Using one-sided tape in extensions lets the stylist apply a single weft per section instead of two. This divides the weight in half from the typical tape in extension application that uses double sided tape.   

How to Apply One-Sided Extension Tape 

First, let us start out by saying that we recommend using a professional stylist to apply (and remove!) your tape in hair extensions. This way, you can reduce the risk of damaging your fine or thin strands during the application and removal process. However, if you’re confident that you can DIY your own extensions or you’re a stylist yourself, then go for it!  

Follow these steps when applying single sided tape in extensions

  • Section out the right amount of hair to apply a sandwich (too little can cause slipping, and too much won’t allow the full extension sandwich to adhere properly.) 
  • Place the hair extension weft with the adhesive side firmly onto the natural hair. 
  • Lift the hair extension weft section that’s attached to the natural hair and remove any unwanted crosshairs in the way.  
  • Take your one-sided extension tape tabs and get them ready for application.  
  • Remove one single-sided tape tab from the sheet, being careful not to touch the adhesive side. 
  • Apply the adhesive side of the single-sided tape tab directly onto the other side of the already applied weft with the natural hair in between.
  • Make sure the single sided tape tab lines up directly with the weft. 
  • Use a hair extension pressing tool and hold for a few seconds to secure the adhesives. This helps to seal the bond and keep the hair extensions in place.  
  • Wait at least 48 hours before you wash the hair after applying the tape-in extensions (always take care and be extra gentle when washing.)  

Pretty straightforward, right? We love that tape-in extensions are easy to apply and non-damaging to your strands (especially when applied and removed by a professional.) You can expect tape-in hair extensions to last about 4 to 8+ weeks before you’ll need to remove and reapply. This timeframe depends on your haircare maintenance routine and the products you use 

Find the Best Products for One-Sided Tape in Hair Extensions  

Having the option to have gorgeous single sided tape in extensions without the extra weight is a game changer! Having stunning hair with half the weight using one-sided tape in extensions is the best option for those with fine or thin hair. If you’re looking for one-sided extension tape, Big Kizzy has your tape and more! From hair tape to removers to hair care products, find everything you need for your tape in hair extensions.  

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