How to Apply Double Sided Hair Extension Tape

How to Apply Double Sided Hair Extension Tape

Do you love tape-in extensions as much as we do? It’s easy to become a loyal fan of this hair extension method! They’re versatile, reusable, affordable, and blend flawlessly with your natural strands. Whether you’re a stylist in training or a confident DIY hair connoisseur, learning how to apply double sided tape for hair extensions is essential. `

It's time to take it back to the basics! For anyone totally new to hair extension tape, we’ll walk you through it. From what it is, to the different types, to how to apply double sided hair extension tape, we cover it all. Our Big Kizzy hair extension experts are ready to give you all the details, let’s get into it!  

What Is Hair Extension Tape

When you’re ready to reapply those tape-in hair extensions, you’ll need hair extension tape! This refers to the adhesive tape tabs that adhere the hair extension wefts to the natural hair. You can go with single sided or double sided hair extension tape with a regular to extra strong hold.  

Here’s the difference between the two main hair extension tape options:  

Single-Sided Tape  

If you’re working with fine or thin hair, that’s when single-sided tape comes into play. Generally, double sided tape for hair extensions is the go-to option for most tape-in reapplications. If you have more delicate strands, the single-sided tape allows you to apply a single weft per section instead of two. That way, there’s less weight on the scalp and natural hair when using single-sided hair extension tape.  

Double-Sided Tape  

The standard option for tape-in reapplication is double sided hair extension tape. This tape works well with normal to thicker hair types, making it the usual choice for professional stylists and home hair gurus alike! With double sided tape for hair extensions, each section uses two wefts that sandwich the natural hair between each section. This type of hair extension tape is necessary for thick hair with a higher density to match that fullness.   

How to Apply Double Sided Tape for Hair Extensions 

For those of you reapplying hair extension with tape for normal to thick hair, this tutorial is for you! Once you’ve stocked up on your double sided hair extension tape, now for the fun part: reapplying the tape-in hair extensions. If you don’t feel confident about reapplying your own extensions, we always recommend going with a professional stylist for the best results!  

With that being said, here’s how to apply double sided tape for hair extensions

  • Remove hair extensions from hair using a remover solvent.  
  • After removing, if the extensions feel oily or sticky (this can happen if you use an oil-based remover), you’ll need to wash them with shampoo to get the remainder of the adhesive and oil out Make sure you dry the extensions before applying new tape (tip: do not blow dry the adhesive weft so as to not damage them). 
  • Choose the right hair extension tape strength for your hair type and lifestyle (i.e., regular vs extra hold).
  • Remove one tape tab from the sheet, being careful not to touch the adhesive side. 
  • Align and place the new double sided hair extension tape to a clean extension weft. Ensure you precisely line up the tape with the weft.
  • Continue to apply the hair extension tape to all of the hair extension wefts before applying, or you can apply each piece one by one with a tape tab as you go along.  
  • Section out the right amount of hair to sandwich in between the wefts (too little can cause slipping, and too much won’t allow the wefts to adhere to each other properly.) 
  • When you’re ready to apply the extension to the hair, remove the paper liner from the re-tabbed extension. 
  • Create your first tape in extension sandwich by placing the portion of hair you just sectioned in between the two wefts. Make sure the two wefts are properly aligned so no adhesive is exposed. 
  • Use a hair extension pressing tool to secure the adhesives and prevent the chance of slippage. 
  • Complete the rest of your hair extension reapplication following the same process. 
  • Wait at least 48 hours before you wash your hair with tape-in extensions (and be extra gentle the first time you do after application.)  

And there you have it! Added length and volume that lasts for 4 to 8 weeks (sometimes a bit longer!). Now, you just need the right products for your tape-in hair extensions, from application and removal to routine maintenance.   

What Are the Best Products for Hair Extension with Tape

Now that you know how to apply double sided hair extension tape, you’ll need to grab the best products! If you’re looking for double sided hair extension tape near me, Big Kizzy has everything you need. Hair extension tape? We have single and double sided tape for hair extensions. Regular hold or extra strong hold? We have those too! And while you’re stocking up, get the remover and haircare products you’ll need for long-lasting strands.  

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